The white paper describes the technology of code protection for Linux applications, which is based on the so-called “Nanomite” approach applied previously for Windows systems.

It is one of the modern antidebugging methods that can be also effectively applied for the process antidumping.

Apriorit Code Protection for Linux is provided as commercial SDK with various types of licensing.

In this white paper, we will examine one of the modern antidebugging methods that is based on nanomites. It’s also an effecient method of the process antidumping.

This approach was first introduced in the Armadillo protector for Windows applications.

This white paper concludes our Testing Process Improvement series and considers maybe one of the most difficult questions of test planning: how to estimate time required for the new tasks.

In this white paper, I will share our experience on how collaboration ot testers and developers can help to deal with the most complicated bugs.

In the next white paper of the series, I want to share our experience of introduction of the templates for the test request and test response as well as some improvements in the project communication process.