Operating system virtualization project, which is being developed by Apriorit and Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, entered the next stage after simultaneous functioning and runtime switching between Windows 7 and Android systems on a single physical device was implemented. Some undocumented Windows 7 capabilities were used.

Apriorit, research and development partner of Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), announces the release of the new technology to contribute to the ViMo (Virtualization for Mobile) project. Apriorit was in charge to research and then implement an idea of switching between two separated instances of Android OS running simultaneously on a single device. This task was successfully completed broadening ViMo functionality and significantly increasing the number of user scenarios for the new technology.

This month, Apriorit  company releases the new technology of Linux application protection from  illegal debug, dumping, and reversing based on the so-called nanomites. Modern and efficient, the nanomite  technology is successfully used in the commercial protectors for Windows  systems. Apriorit Linux Code Protection SDK is the first product to provide an  improved nanomite protection for Linux applications.

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This report presents information concerning main work directions, interesting tasks and issues, which our teams had during 2009. Also our specialists desribed here experience and new knowledge they obtained.

Apriorit Announces New Mind2Chart v. 1.3 Release

Apriorit – Software Development and Research Company – announced that the new version of Mind2Chart Project Management Add-in is now available. The Mind2Chart Team tells that new features added to the product are called to meet the needs of project managers with a focus on the M2C ideology of simplicity and easy usage.

ApriorIT releases AutomateIT!, an open-source solution called to automate integration of OpenOffice with office software.

ApriorIT Inc., a provider of offshore system software development services, has solved the problem of automating the integration of OpenOffice with software which exports reports or other data to Microsoft Office; the product is available to the Open Source community.