This month, Apriorit  company releases the new technology of Linux application protection from  illegal debug, dumping, and reversing based on the so-called nanomites. Modern and efficient, the nanomite  technology is successfully used in the commercial protectors for Windows  systems. Apriorit Linux Code Protection SDK is the first product to provide an  improved nanomite protection for Linux applications.

Being a software R&D company, Apriorit frequently faces the questions of reliable code protection for both Windows and Linux applications. Experienced also in software research and legal reverse engineering, Apriorit chose the most efficient antidebug technology so far – nanomites.

Till this moment, only Windows nanomite solutions have been present on the market. Apriorit introduces the first nanomite solutions for Linux applications, having additionally improved the initial algorithm.

“Apriorit Linux Code Protection SDK is an antireversing tool made by professional reversers,” Dennis Turpitka, Apriorit CEO & Founder, admits. “Our Reverse Engineering Group led the solution development. Having a number of various R&D projects, we deal a lot with code protection for Windows and Linux. At some point, we realized that Linux applications were not that protected – and we could fix it. I hope our SDK will help other software vendors to resist piracy and illegal code copying.”

Nanomite technology is based on parent process protection combined with some code segment extraction for packing with their subsequent obfuscation at unpacking. Marked code segments (nanomites) are cut out from the source code and replaced by jumps on them in a specific manner, using the table of conditional and unconditional jumps and obfuscation. Parent process protection (known as Debug Blocker in Windows protectors) starts protected program as a child process and attaches to it for debug. Thus, for a third party, it is possible to debug only parent process, not the program itself.

“There are always some ways to fight any protection,” Anton Kotik, Software Designer of Apriorit and Reverse Engineering Group member, says. “But with nanomites, it’s really hard and extremely time-consuming. You can detach parent process only after restoring all nanomites – so while restoring, you have to work with the parent process only. As there are no jumps in the software – they are all replaced – the application is a solid piece of code in disassemblers.”

Apriorit is already accepting requests on their website, providing visitors with more information about the Linux code protection SDK.

Learn more about nanomites technology.


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