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Mobile devices take more and more significant place in our everyday life followed by the constantly growing number of mobile apps. End users entrust sensitive data to mobile apps, including even financial information or healthcare details, which creates a significant cybersecurity challenge for the software solution vendors.

Apriorit cybersecurity experts can help your development team to handle data security risks. We offer app penetration and vulnerability assessment services for all popular mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows. According to your preferences, our expert team can perform white box or black box testing enlisting Apriorit reverse engineers support for the latter.


Methodology and Tools

Processes and methodology behind the Apriorit mobile app vulnerability testing services are based on the well-known standards and check-lists described by OWASP Mobile Security Project and CSA Mobile Application Security Initiative. We add to this our significant unique experience of cybersecurity projects, which included enterprise security monitoring tools development, enhanced reverse engineering assignments, data acquisition and processing technologies building.


Comprehensive Cybersecurity Audit with Your Priorities

Each research is custom planned. Apriorit experts perform manual step-by-step testing according to the overall check-list with the priorities and depth set up according to the object specifics. Some automated tests can be also used for particular attack vector examination. For all Windows, iOS and Android app vulnerability testing, we take into account the platform-related specifics and known data security risks. Web service related risks are also researched.

Apriorit mobile application security testing includes static and dynamic security analysis followed by the provided open source code review (white box testing) or closed source code reversing attempts (black box testing).

Our team has a rich set of research tools, including professional data acquisition and disassembling software as well as popular hacker tools.



The application vulnerability testing deliverables include:

  • Detailed report on all performed testing activities
  • The list of detected protection techniques and comments about their potential risks
  • The list of detected cybersecurity problems with priorities and risks explanations
  • The list of recommendations on how to resolve detected problems and improve solutions
  • [optional] Software prototypes to illustrate possible hacker attack tools
  • [optional] Software prototypes to illustrate recommended protection techniques

Take a look at some of our case studies:

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