Agentless Virtual Machine Access SDK

Agentless Virtual Machine Monitoring SDK

Get all required information from a hypervisor level with an Apriorit virtual machine file system access SDK.

Agentless VM Access SDK is a powerful hypervisor toolset to organize agentless access to the internals of virtual machines. Integrating this software development kit into your solution you can access the file system of virtual machines in online and offline mode, as well as online virtual machine active memory.

Using our virtual machine monitoring SDK you can achieve VMware file system access and Hyper-V based machines file system and active memory access. The solution works on the hypervisor level, accessing and parsing virtual machine snapshots.

Virtual Machine Management Feature Highlights

Working in the context of hypervisor monitoring SDK provides you access to:

  • Virtual machines and snapshot lists for hosts with their current statuses (transparent infrastructure view)
  • Virtual machine software inventory (for online and offline machines)
  • Virtual machine file system access (for online and offline machines)
  • Virtual machine active memory access (for online machines)

The solution implements:

  • Hyper-V / Virtual PC VM monitoring - full support
  • VMware ESX(i) monitoring - limited support

We can organize our virtual machine management SDK testing for your developers – contact us for details!

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