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Our developers and researchers pack their best experience and gained knowledge into useful technologies that are ready to be integrated into your software system.

File Encryption (Non-driver)

Apriorit non-driver file encryption solution is meant for protecting data from unauthorized access and distribution. This technology provides encryption and process sandboxing with on-the-fly file decryption for selective applications.

Sound Sniffer for Windows

This solution provides your applications with the possibility to record all in and out sound produced in the system for any receiving/sending application or device, as well as block sound streams by custom rules.

Virtual File System (Virtual Files / Folders, Virtual Disks)

Virtual files system can change the representation of file system and smoothly redirect all file operations during interaction between system and user and system and applications.

USB Device Blocking and Monitoring

This technology set is a component of our device security expertise for device management: monitoring and control of device usage, and especially USB devices.

Custom Boot Loader Technologies for Physical and Virtual Computers

Boot loader manipulations are among technologies and low-level techniques we developed using our virtualization and security experience.

Printing with Watermarks – Technology to Integrate

Print watermarking is an advanced technology that can protect printed documents by automatically adding custom watermarks during the printing process. Works in combination with any physical printer.

Stealth Technologies: File, Service, Process Hiding, Silent Installation

This group of technologies was developed after cooperation with cyber security vendors.Incident investigation tool can use silent mode to hide system components such as solution files, processes, services, and registry keys.

Hidden and Hooked Process Detection

We use different techniques to detect illegal actions, hidden files and processes, hooked systems.

File Activity Monitoring

With this technology you can register all details about the user, file operation as well as application performing corresponding operations.

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