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File Activity Monitoring

This technology allows to register all file operations, including read/write, creation, copying, and deletion together with the details about the user and application performing corresponding operations.

File operation logging technology can be used in security monitoring and DLP solutions, threat detection and threat intelligence tools, advanced logging systems, backup and data management products.

Apriorit can quickly deliver and integrate file activity monitor and has all needed experience to customize the solution for your specific requirements.

File Monitoring Technology Details

Developed by Apriorit, file activity monitoring technology has such additional features:

  • Adjustable monitoring filters. The solution can filter events being logged according to the specified rules based on the performing user/application name, target file names, and specifics of the operations.
  • Shared files support. The technology allows to monitor shared files access and operations with the correct user name detection.
  • Full file access regardless blocking. The technology provides access to the file content during the monitoring (e.g. to calculate hash code, get attributes, etc.), even if the file is being deleted.
  • Asynchronous data processing while accessing file content during the file operation monitoring.
  • Advanced antivirus compatibility.

Apriorit team develops and integrates file system activity monitoring technologies for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Our experts can also deliver these technologies as a file change monitoring software development kit.


Accelerating development while minimizing project risks with Apriorit

  • Managed R&D teams – a project manager is a part of each and any Apriorit development team, even if it consists of one developer, QA, or researcher.
  • Predictable Delivery and Expected Results – Apriorit processes are always adjusted to your project standards and business priorities. We do operate with PoC and MVP terms, we respect your schedule and budget, and aim our project management to early detect and mitigate risks.
  • Culture of knowledge accumulation – we focus our services in limited number of industry domains, which allows to minimize each new project complexity and risks applying accumulated experience and knowledge.


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