Predictability and common sense are among our corporate values. That is why we aspire place everything we do within the context of a measurable process with clear stages. Among our processes, two are unique to Apriorit and exclusively developed in-house. We consider them to be our principal keys to success.

Agile-based Delivery Process

Simply, it is our Delivery Process that differentiates us from our competition.

We pride ourselves on an exemplary track record of on-time deliveries that are second-to-none in quality. We deliver on time and within budget for 80% of our projects. For the remaining 20% we are able to predict early on that the project timeframes cannot be met so adjustments can be made as risk free as possible.

Our Agile-based delivery methodology was developed specifically for highly technical projects to ensure timely and quality delivery while minimizing risk. We have monitored and captured project estimates and statistics since our inception and we use this information to aid us in planning and estimating your project.

With Apriorit you'll never hear “We need two more days to complete the release."

For more details:

Apriorit Datasheet: Our Delivery Process (PDF, 225 KB)

Careful Enrollment Process

At Apriorit we consider people our principal focus and most valued asset. That's why we give priority to hiring and professional growth.

Apriorit only considers professional specialists who are in turn required to pass several rounds of interviews with HR and technical specialists as well as division managers. For those who lack experience but deemed highly qualified we offer Advanced Development courses.

After course completion the best students are then offered an Intern position. Only after a 6 month evaluation and training period can the Intern then be considered for a Junior specialist position and begin working with client project.

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