Reverse engineer a highly-protected application and analyze its core logic to produce a hook solution that survived 2 years of regular application updates!

Apriorit team is working with a big security vendor on a proactive enterprise security solution. The next stage required Skype control functionality with a set of monitoring and management features like message censoring, action logging and blocking.

The possibilities provided by public Skype APIs (skype4com library) were not enough for the required features, in particular action blocking and full monitoring. Apriorit specialists made up a detailed feature list to be implemented and the list of corresponding internal Skype APIs to be discovered and described. The next task was to research the core logic of Skype application and detect the points to set up custom hooks. The main goal was to build hook architecture so that the solution survived frequent Skype updates.

For more details:

Reverse Engineering Case: Skype Monitoring and Censoring with Low-level Hooks of internal APIs
(PDF, 500 KB)
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