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Apriorit provides development services for many different clients, mostly focusing on large-scale projects in cybersecurity. Over the course of those projects we constantly run into situations where we need a specific real time information for certain system activities or changes, whether for security purposes, or to implement certain features.

This resulted in us developing an extensive knowledge base and a pool of ready-to-use techniques for system monitoring solutions. The biggest parts of our system monitoring expertise are process monitoring and registry monitoring.


Process Monitoring for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Mobile OS

Process monitoring system allows us to track activity and extract information from running processes.

Our technology pack includes:

  • Windows process monitoring
  • Linux process monitoring
  • Mac process monitoring
  • A set of techniques allowing to organize an equivalent of process monitoring for Android and even iOS mobile platforms

Gathered information (for desktop OS) includes:

  • The path to the original executable file that started the process
  • Hash of the original executable file that started the process
  • Command line parameters and modules used
  • Name of the user that initiated the process

Registry Monitoring for Windows

Registry monitoring allows us to detect when Windows registry is being accessed or changed, as well as extract information on what application exactly initiated the opening or editing of registry keys.

In order to make finding the necessary information easier, as part of this technology we created a set of monitoring filters, allowing us to track only certain types of events or changes made by specific applications.

Registry monitoring gives a broad of system changes and can provide various valuable data, for example:

  • Information about registry changes. This is often used to detect intrusions
  • Alerts about program installation or removal
  • Information about hardware changes


We also provide LPC/ ALPC functions monitoring for Windows, Linux and Mac, allowing us to monitor LPC and RPC function calls, thus gaining insight into data exchange between driver and user mode, data exchange between computers, etc.


System monitoring proves useful in a variety of ways, including:

  • processing file and network operations
  • working with USB devices
  • detecting intrusions and APT

Our monitoring technology can easily become part of your project. We can fully customize it for your needs, technology and performance requirements, implement it in the context of a specific feature, or create a fully tested SDK that you can use when you need it. 


Why you should choose Apriorit

Apriorit works in software R&D outsourcing market for a long time and we have a lot of successful projects under our belt. Working with Apriorit provides you with the following core advantages:

  • Unique knowledge and experience – over the course of many projects we accumulated unique practical knowledge and experience in such areas as security, low level programming, system management, virtualization, cloud, and mobile development.
  • Managed development teams – each of our teams has at least one part-time project manager managing day-to-day operations and serving as a single point of contact, thus minimizing risks for the client.
  • Accurate granular estimations – we have a proven track record of providing accurate estimates and then delivering within schedule and within budget.


If you need a team of experienced and knowledgeable software developers at a competitive rate and without a fuss, fill out our request for proposal form. We will immediately get back to you to discuss your project.

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