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Boost the performance of your enterprise solution for operating system monitoring and enrich it with advanced system management functionalities. At Apriorit, we know how to control system behavior and resources. We can implement critical changes at the operating system level to improve the flexibility, integration, and security of your solution.

platforms we buld system management solutions for


platforms we buld system management solutions for


platforms we buld system management solutions for


platforms we buld system management solutions for

Mobile operating systems


There are a wide range of tasks that require introducing significant changes at the operating system level:

  • Organizing file system interactions
  • Managing devices and profiles
  • Implementing and managing single sign-on (SSO)
  • Monitoring and blocking operating system activity at all levels
  • Analyzing suspicious behavior
  • Performing an advanced system restore and rollback processes
  • And more

Apriorit developers know how to successfully tackle each of these tasks.

We have a set of internal libraries we’ve created for speeding up and improving the quality of interactions with different operating systems. Plus, our reverse engineering team can investigate undocumented features and closed operating system functions.

  • Unikernel development
  • Development of a custom minimalist operating system
  • Custom mobile operating system with additional security features
  • Redirection of API hooks and system calls
  • Detection and removal of third-party hooks and rootkit
  • System snapshots and advanced system restoration
  • Replacement of standard system log-on dialogs
  • Clipboard management
  • Creation of custom file system rules
  • Bootloader customization
  • Bootloader virtual PC development


Making changes at the system level is always a risk. Any defect or functionality conflict can lead to cybersecurity issues and system failures.

Apriorit developers know the ins and outs of various operating systems. We have experience using standard and third-party libraries, technologies, and tools, interacting with deep level functions, and working with undocumented features.

With our expertise, we can build a secure system management solution or make your system behave the way you need it to.


We build software which competes with Citrix and VMware, utilizing remote desktop protocols. Apriorit developers are highly skilled not only in terms of app or database builders but across numerous technologies.

Apriorit is very good at creating low-level protocols for security, being able to work at OS level. Read more »


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