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Dedicated .NET development teams

Apriorit teams widely apply .NET framework by Microsoft for projects and assignments from ASP.NET web development tasks to the complex distributed systems involving extensive database infrastructure. Our main focus is business SaaS solution development.

Our universal .NET outsourcing teams consist of engineers of all specializations (GUI development, networking, or database architecture) and may include QA specialists, business analysts, tech writers, and project managers on a full and part-time basis.

Apriorit engineering teams take care of your outsourcing .NET development project right from its inception until maintenance, support, and modernization works. Adhering to agile practices, we deliver results, not just time reports.

project experience and verticals

Apriorit specialists work with the newest .NET versions, support legacy .NET applications, and apply .NET Compact Framework for custom development for embedded systems and mobile platforms. When performing custom .NET development, Apriorit specialists mainly use C# while also applying Java and Javascript.

Our teams apply .NET software development technologies in various projects. See our project experience highlights:

  • Distributed cybersecurity solutions with intensive data exchange
  • MDM solutions
  • Complex report generation subsystem for various monitoring and BI solutions
  • Native integration with databases, ADO, ADO.NET, ODBC
  • SQL performance optimization
  • Various SaaS platforms with a set of web services (SOA, SOAP)
  • Rapid GUI development for big enterprise solutions.

Being a .NET development company, Apriorit has broad work experience with different verticals including data protection service and solution providers, telecommunication companies, content management and delivery vendors and BI solution providers among others.

Our .NET developers have access to the trending industry technologies, tools and frameworks and are always seeking the most optimal tech solutions for your project.

Custom ASP.NET Development

Apriorit provides custom ASP.NET development services applying MVC and Javascript technologies. Our team covers all stages of project development starting with visioning and requirements elicitation and up to maintenance tasks for deployed systems.

With project experience based on the massive SaaS CRM systems creation, Apriorit is ready to take on any complex engineering assignment as well as deliver the best quality for projects of any size.

Developing your web project

Outsourcing ASP.NET development teams of Apriorit not only include qualified developers but also rely on full-time / part-time specialists of other roles like business analysts, testers, tech writers and project managers.

  • Project visioning clarification
  • Requirement gathering and management
  • Competitor research
  • Technical writing: specifications, manuals, guides
  • Prototyping
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance (all types of testing including load, performance, UI testing on mobile and desktop devices)

Apriorit web project experience

The biggest share of Apriorit’s ASP.NET outsourcing projects are different kinds of SaaS CRM-like systems in such verticals as:

  • Telecommunication solutions
  • HR and recruiting solutions
  • Accounting and reporting platforms
  • Media delivery platforms
  • ERP platforms

In addition, Apriorit provides ASP.NET development services for projects and solutions of any size delivering high quality, comprehensive, communication and project management. Moreover, when you outsource ASP.NET development to Apriorit you receive financial guarantees for delivered results and other outsourcing model cost-related benefits.

Web development technologies

The Apriorit web development unit consists of experienced professionals who apply the following technologies, frameworks, and tools:

  • Javascript frameworks: JQuery, AngularJS, and others
  • CSS and Bootstrap
  • MS SQL

Apriorit ASP.NET team specialists constantly improve their skills and knowledge applying the newest technologies and best practices like multithreading or unit testing.


Apriorit provided internal product and API connection development. During the primary design of the project, we wanted to use a third-party library with API in order to complete the project on time. During the project, they saw that the deployment was a little bit too confusing and there was too much to do in order to start using it, so they rewrote the part themselves into .NET without adding to the budget or timeline. I think this was especially impressive and a nice surprise. Their work made our lives easier when using it and deploying it, and in the future when we will need to investigate things, it will make things simpler for us. Read more »


Owner, Software Company

(Extract from the independent review on Clutch.co)

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