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Full dedication to your project tasks and goals

Challenging IT projects require strong commitment, great expertise, and high availability from all people involved. You can meet each of these needs by hiring a dedicated development team from Apriorit.

Whether you need to develop a brand-new product from scratch or improve an existing one, a professional outsourcing team from Apriorit will take care of the technical details and help you in achieving your business goals. You can also avoid the hurdles of constantly scaling your in-house team.

Working with Apriorit, you get:

  • A dedicated team with the capacity your project needs
  • Access to the expertise of top industry professionals
  • Full transparency and flexibility throughout the development process
  • Direct communication with each team member

When to choose the dedicated team model

Since all software development projects are unique and require different approaches, we offer three convenient cooperation models:

Fixed price

Pay only for the strictly defined scope of work and get the results you expect by the agreed deadline.

Time and materials

Pay for the time the development team spends working on your project and the resources used for it.

Get a meticulously formed team to solve your project’s technical and business tasks.

Use the following criteria to evaluate which model will suit your project best:

Model and CriteriaFixed priceTime and materialsDedicated team
DeadlinesPredefinedFlexibleLong-term defined
Scope of workPredefinedDynamicLong-term defined
Project sizeSmallSmall / MediumMedium / Large
Average project duration6 months or less6 to 12 months1+ years

You can also take into account your project’s technology domain.
Some domains that can be well-suited for the dedicated development team outsourcing model include:

Why choose the dedicated team model?

Hire a dedicated development team to provide your business with the following benefits:


Full dedication to your
long-term project

Get undivided attention to your product development with Apriorit’s dedicated software developers. We focus our efforts exclusively on delivering your project, making sure the end solution meets all your business goals.

Solid foundation
for your project

Get a properly organized project team with established procedures for sharing knowledge, writing documentation, and ensuring code quality. It’s easy to pause and resume specific tasks or introduce other changes.

Enhanced project

Apriorit’s dedicated team will be integrated with your internal team, supporting all of your project initiatives. We take care of the project’s technical tasks so you can focus on your business goals.

Flexible development process

Easily adjust activities of your dedicated team to the issues you face with the project. This way, you can ensure flexibility throughout the development process.

Clear and
predictable budget

The dedicated team model is based on fixed monthly payments for each team member. This way, you can predict the cost of working with the team regardless of changes in your project.

Transparent and
flexible communication

Benefit from transparent communication with our team. You can also adjust the communication strategy based on your preferences and project specifics.

When to consider other options

The dedicated team model is perfect for projects that are long-term, include complex tasks, and require agility and flexibility. For development projects that don’t fit these criteria, it could be better to choose another outsourcing model.


Short-term projects

For projects that only take up to six months, it’s better to choose a time
and materials or fixed price model.
In such cases, it’s usually enough to hire
a few specialists with the required skills.

Inconsistent workload

If your project is likely to include pauses
or a variable number of tasks, or if you need to conduct research, consider
a more flexible outsourcing model
like time and materials.

Strictly outlined plan

If your scope of work is strictly outlined with well-defined requirements
and a specified timeline, it might be
best to choose the fixed price model.

Not sure which outsourcing model suits your project best?
Let’s figure it out together!

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