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A full-scale team by your side

Benefit from our flexibility in team formation, unwavering commitment to quality and security, and confidence in achieving tangible results. Experience the difference a dedicated team can make in driving your business forward.

Hire a dedicated software development team from Apriorit and get:

  • A hand-selected and committed team of software experts
  • Fast team scaling
  • Access to niche skills and expertise

Why hire an Apriorit dedicated team?

400+ software development experts

Access a diverse pool of seasoned software developers and experts including QA specialists, business analysts, and project managers that can cover all your needs.

20+ years
of experience

Count on our time-proven stability and reliability in delivering successful projects and benefit from our steadfast support at all development stages.

Cybersecurity-first approach

Rest assured of our unwavering commitment to safeguarding your projects at every level and at each stage of development.

Niche expertise

Leverage our expertise in low- and mid-level programming to complete unique kernel or driver development projects.

Focus on your business goals

Our perfect blend of tech expertise and business mindset ensures alignment with your strategic objectives.

Long-term commitment

Our devotion to client success has earned us a reputation as a reliable B2B partner capable of long-lasting relationships, some running for over 20 years.

Scalable team of up to 50 members

We have experience collaborating with Fortune 500 companies and setting up dedicated teams of 30 to 50 members for years.

Hand-pick your experts

Start forming the exact team you need without delay. In just a few days, you’ll get the first CVs of specialists whose skills align with your project needs.

Reliable global partner

With over 20 R&D and QA teams at our offices in the US, Canada, Cyprus, and Eastern Europe, we offer global support for your project’s diverse needs.

Service models we offer

We can cover your every need

Full-fledged R&D team

pro team icon

Build and customize an all-round self-sustaining team with the full set of specialists required for your project.

Team extension for niche expertise

Enhance your in-house development team with Apriorit experts. Swiftly onboard top-tier professionals to fill skill gaps or tackle unique tasks.

Staff augmentation for specific tech expertise

Elevate your team’s capabilities and get access to specialized professionals precisely matched to your project’s unique technical requirements.

Not sure which option is best for you? Contact us to choose the ideal model for your project’s needs.

Our technology stack

We aim to ensure fast delivery of secure and highly performant kernel and driver solutions for our clients. To achieve this, we work with the most reliable and efficient tools and technologies, adapting and supplementing the technology stack for each specific project.

Programming languages and frameworks

Development niches

Software development practices and services

Our workflow

We’re highly selective when hiring at Apirorit — only the top 15% of candidates make the cut. Through rigorous training, we ensure your dedicated development team is equipped to meet your needs.

Collecting requirements

We hold a series of meetings to clarify your project’s details, the team’s requirements, the preliminary work schedule, and various organizational aspects.

Selecting team members

We assemble a team of developers based on your requirements. After that, you interview all candidates and choose those you’d like to see on your dedicated development team.

Onboarding and development

Developers selected for the dedicated team study the project, read the documentation to learn more about the product, and get acquainted with the scope of tasks and deadlines. After that, we can start the development process.

Scaling up and down

Depending on the project’s state, the dedicated team can be scaled up or down. When the project is at the finish line, the number of developers can be decreased. If the scope of tasks grows, you can expand your team.

How we cooperate

We work in synergy to guide your project to success.


  • Translates business needs into technical requirements
  • Checks the technical feasibility of the project and deliverables
  • Plans resources and assembles your dedicated team
  • Motivates, educates, and manages team members
  • Establishes HR and delivery best practices
  • Manages the SDLC
  • Replaces staff and facilitates knowledge sharing among team members
  • Provisions the office and IT infrastructure
  • Follows requirements and ensures regulatory compliance
  • Meets NDA and security policy requirements


  • Owns end-to-end product delivery, including backlog management
  • Handles the overall product roadmap, priorities, and strategy
  • Defines acceptance criteria and facilitates the acceptance process
  • Establishes and supports the governance framework
  • Oversees the end-to-end quality and delivery

Want to know more about what it’s like to work with us? Find out all the benefits of collaborating with Apriorit.

When should I choose a dedicated team?

Complex long-term projects with a steady workflow

Early-stage projects that need a thorough discovery phase prior to gathering a team

Projects that require a dedicated team for incident response and bug fixing

Legacy projects that require complete re-engineering

When to consider other options

The dedicated team model is perfect for projects that are long-term, include complex tasks, and require agility and flexibility. For development projects that don’t fit these criteria, it could be better to choose another outsourcing model.


Short-term projects

For projects that only take up to six months, it’s better to choose a time and materials or fixed price model. In such cases, it’s usually enough to hire a few specialists with the required skills.

Inconsistent workload

If your project is likely to include pauses or a variable number of tasks, or if you need to conduct research, consider a more flexible outsourcing model like time and materials.

Strictly outlined plan

If your scope of work is strictly outlined with well-defined requirements and a specified timeline, it might be best to choose the fixed price model.

Choose the best cooperation model for your needs

Model and CriteriaFixed priceTime and materialsDedicated team
DeadlinesPredefinedFlexibleLong-term defined
Scope of workPredefinedDynamicLong-term defined
Project sizeSmallSmall / MediumMedium / Large
Average project duration6 months or less6 to 12 months1+ years

Our clients’ success stories

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What is a dedicated development team?

Working with a dedicated team of developers.is one of the three most common outsourcing collaboration models, alongside fixed price and time & materials (T&M). Unlike the fixed price model, with a dedicated team, you don’t necessarily need finalized requirements or a clear vision of the final result — you can adjust plans and timelines as work progresses. Additionally, unlike T&M, the team you work with will be exclusively devoted to your project. This model resembles a remote in-house team that works for you full-time.

Is using in-house developers better than hiring an external team?

<p>Both in-house developers and external software teams can be useful. External teams are a great option when you want to quickly scale your headcount, start new or one-off projects, or keep your in-house team focused on other business areas.</p>
<p>External teams are also effective in eliminating costly salaries and expenses related to hiring, recruiting, and training talents. They provide flexibility as new teams can be spun up quickly, giving you the ability to scale your project team seamlessly according to the workload.</p>

How many developers do I need to hire for a dedicated team? And for how long?

<p>You can hire as many specialists as you need and for as long as required to complete your project. You can hire several developers to cover your long-term needs for niche talent, or opt for a self-sustaining team that includes supporting specialists like project managers, business analysts, and quality assurance specialists.</p>
<p>We’ll recommend the best number of dedicated developers according to your project demands and budget.</p>

How can I manage a dedicated development team?

To effectively manage a dedicated team, follow these tips:
<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>Set clear goals and expectations.</li>
<li>Establish regular communication channels and project updates.</li>
<li>Foster collaboration and encourage teamwork.</li>
<li>Utilize strong data encryption methods to secure the most valuable data.</li>
<li>Offer feedback and recognition for achievements.</li>
Additionally, we can fully take on the management of your project. Our <a href=/rd-services/project-management-services>in-house project managers</a> will ensure smooth team coordination and communication between you and the team.

What is the recommended structure for a dedicated project team?

A full team usually consists of software engineers, business analysts, UI/UX designers, DevOps engineers, project managers, and quality assurance specialists. However, dedicated development team services at Apriorit offer full flexibility: you can include any number of experts depending on what your project requires.

What are the legal aspects of hiring a dedicated software team, and what about intellectual property rights?

Outsourcing vendors usually manage the legal aspects of hiring and retaining IT programmers. Important agreements that govern the relationships between the outsourcing vendor and the client include:
<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li><strong>Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA):</strong> Clearly defines expectations of confidentiality, authorized use of shared information, and penalties for breaches.</li>
<li><strong>Statement of Work (SOW):</strong> Concisely outlines the project scope, deliverables, timelines, acceptance criteria, standards, and other essential project details.</li>
<li><strong>Master Services Agreement (MSA):</strong> Establishes terms of collaboration, payment arrangements, dispute resolution mechanisms, and ownership of intellectual property rights.</li>
Note that everything produced by a dedicated Apriorit team (including documentation, design assets, code, and prototypes) is your intellectual property and can’t be used by Apriorit outside the project.

How do you interview developers?

We conduct pre-screening and interviews with our internal pool of specialists to determine the best match for your project. Following this, we provide you with multiple CVs for your selection and organize meetings with the candidates that pique your interest. These interviews typically take the form of video calls using platforms and tools convenient for you. Based on your feedback, we assemble a team of your preferred specialists and start preparing for the project.

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