Apriorit is a software R&D company providing managed dedicated engineering teams with elite skills for software publishers and SaaS vendors since 2002. We work with various companies, including both Fortune 500 tech leaders and innovative startups, treating each client and each task with the same enthusiasm and dedication.


Cybersecurity and Virtualization are our two key specialties. As for technical excellence, check out our Tech Blogs for specific examples.


Headquartered in Ukraine with over 500 successful projects to date, Apriorit also counts on EU and US representative offices and three development offices in Eastern Europe hosting 15 R&D teams and over 250 specialists.


Efficient agile-based process

Get the most out of our software outsourcing model: quick start, managed process, expert knowledge, and financially guaranteed delivery.

Outsource your software R&D to Europe

Add experienced European professionals to your R&D team instantly thereby increasing development potential while saving cost.

Outsourcing case studies

Want to see us in action? Take a look at our collection or dive into our software development teams’ experience in our

Outsourcing software development / Our key offerings

Managed dedicated teams

Work with an experienced business-oriented engineering team according to your project needs and priorities. Save your management resources and rely on proven engineering processes.

Software engineering

Build your own superhero team! Whether you need C++ programmers, driver developers or platform optimization specialists, they can become a part of your team maintaining the same high corporate standards.

Quality assurance

Strengthen your dedicated engineering team with business analysts, tech writers, and qualified QA specialists working on-site with developers.

As a software outsourcing firm we specialize in a selected range of technology domains - SaaS development, cybersecurity, virtualization, cloud computing among others. We have accumulated significant technical skills and knowledge base thus providing our clients a significant competitive advantage when outsourcing software development projects to us.

Over our history we have organically grown adding new technology domains to the team expertise and yet maintaining the same engineering, quality, and project management standards. We build long-term relations with our clients and place great care in delivery and quality.

Apriorit is proud to possess expert programming skills in .NET development, C / C++, C#, Obj-C, and other languages. Our expert knowledge, in particular in driver and kernel development domains, has been recognized by our clients and professional community.

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