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Get a clear vision of your code

You know business. We know software. Leverage our expertise to get:

  • A deep and expert assessment of your current system
  • Information about potential vulnerabilities and issues in your code
  • Guidance on eliminating performance and scalability bottlenecks
  • A list of recommendations for improving your product
  • A modernization roadmap for your legacy system

Why run a code audit?

Get valuable insights at each stage of your product’s development lifecycle.

Do a full software checkup before going live.

Get a clear strategy for improving your product.

Eliminate security vulnerabilities.

Check your product’s scalability.

Validate current performance.

Estimate and improve maintainability.

Identify areas in need of modernization.

Ensure code consistency.

Uncover third-party compatibility issues.

Ensure smooth knowledge transition between teams.

Verify compliance with industry standards.

Сode audit services we offer

Get a 360-degree view of your product through the eyes of Apriorit experts.

Software code

Uncover code vulnerabilities and get a bias-free roadmap for their mitigation.


Assess your system design for optimal performance and security.

Third-party integration analysis

Evaluate your third-party integrations and make sure each component works seamlessly and serves a purpose.

DevSecOps pipeline review

Mitigate risks and ensure compliance throughout the development process.

Cloud infrastructure audit

Identify your scalability limits and ensure stable performance under increased load.

Observability and disaster recovery mechanisms review

Enhance the resilience and reliability of your fault tolerance measures.

Blockchain audit

Ensure the security, integrity, and compliance of your blockchain solutions.

Learn more »

Smart contract audit

Verify your smart contract’s accuracy, functionality, and security.

Learn more »

Types of code analysis we perform

Over the years, we’ve developed a comprehensive approach to software code audits that covers every aspect of your system.

Static analysis

Use static code analysis tools to identify and rectify code-level vulnerabilities.

Dynamic analysis

Check your software in a controlled environment to identify bugs that may only appear during execution.

Core code analysis

Review code within the core high-risk communication layers, such as access to data storage and API endpoints.

Unit test coverage analysis

Evaluate your test coverage percentage and identify uncovered test cases for comprehensive testing.

Threat modeling

Identify potential attack vectors to prevent security risks.

Behavioral analysis

Scrutinize code logic for robustness and resilience against threats.

Vulnerability scanning of dependencies

Scan dependencies to detect and mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

Assessment of cryptographic controls

Review and evaluate the effectiveness of implemented cryptographic measures.

Compliance check

Examine adherence to various security and industry standards for regulatory compliance.

Documentation consistency check

Verify consistency with documentation and assess alignment with architectural guidelines.

Looking for a code audit company? You can rely on Apriorit during pivotal moments in your product’s lifecycle and be confident in the quality of your software.

How we approach code auditing

Stay informed with our transparent processes

Industries we serve

Get an audit that reflects the unique needs and standards of your industry and ensure your product’s longevity and compliance.

Haven’t found your industry on the list? Not an issue — our 20+ years of experience equip us to conduct code audits in any sector.

Why choose Apriorit?

Our development experts provide a full range of software audit services and guarantee that you get an in-depth expert review.

Committed team of diverse professionals

Transparent workflow and communication

Focus on your business needs

Measurable results

Our clients’ success stories

What our clients say about us


When should I carry out a code audit?

<p>Code audits are crucial for various scenarios and can be useful at later stages of your product’s lifecycle. </p>
Regular code audits of your existing products allow you to manage risks, prevent accumulation of technical debt, align your software with industry standards, and assess scalability and maintainability. If you’d like to invest in a ready application or asset, a code audit will provide you with insights into its security and functionality. 
<p>A source code audit can also efficiently prepare your product before going live, either for the first time or after a large update.</p>

What is your approach to code auditing?

Over the years, we’ve developed a security-first approach to code auditing. It involves a comprehensive examination of source code and architectural design to enhance security, resilience, scalability, and performance. 
<p>Our code audit service includes static code analysis, vulnerability scanning, dynamic analyses, manual code review of critical communication layers, assessment of cryptographic controls, and compliance checks. As a result, you get a detailed report with issue descriptions, recommended resolutions, and root cause analyses for further improvement.</p>

What is a UX audit?

A user experience (UX) audit is an all-around assessment of the experience your software product provides to users. It allows you to look at your product from the user perspective, uncover flaws or bottlenecks, and use this information to improve your customer experience. 
<p>A <a href=/dev-blog/design-accessibility-in-ui-ux>UX audit</a> is separate from other software code audit services and can help you identify underlying UX issues like slow loading times due to bloated code or server issues, confusing error messaging, or inconsistencies in navigation across different parts of your product.

What are the outputs of a code audit? Is your report strictly confidential?

<p>As the result of an independent code audit, you get a detailed report on identified code issues with technical details, along with non-technical explanations for stakeholders.</p> 

Depending on the scope, your code audit report will contain:

<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>Review of critical and non-critical errors</li>
<li>Architecture review</li>
<li>Code security review</li>
<li>Scalability review</li>
<li>Efficiency optimization review</li>

All reports are your intellectual property and won’t be published by Apriorit. Therefore, you can decide whether they will be public or confidential.

Who is involved in a code audit?

Depending on your goals and expectations for your audit, the team of experts involved may include:

<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>Software engineers</li>
<li>Cybersecurity experts</li>
<li><a href=/rd-services/specialized-quality-assurance>Quality assurance</a> specialists</li>
<li>DevOps engineers</li>
<li>UX designers</li>

At Apriorit, we can cover all needs within our code audit services thanks to our diverse team of experts.

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