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Research your opportunities. Discover your strengths.

Every project starts with a bright idea. We can help you turn yours into a viable product.

Apriorit provides robust software product discovery services, helping tech companies evaluate their biggest ideas and select the ones that can turn into competitive products. With our thorough analytics and detailed technical documentation from Apriorit, you can:

  • Validate your idea’s competitiveness
  • Define key requirements
  • Select the best strategy and architecture
  • Predict possible bottlenecks

At Apriorit, we know how to distinguish successful project ideas and help you showcase your project’s true worth and viability to stakeholders and investors.

Research and discovery services enable you to:

and do preliminary research

of your idea

an efficient implementation strategy

possible bottlenecks and risks

technical specifications and solution design

a clear development roadmap

for a scalable and secure solution architecture

and cost estimates for your project

Transparent processes. Actionable results.

The way our research and discovery services are delivered to you is transparent through and through:

9 stages of our research & discovery workflow

When you delegate the analysis of your ideas and hypotheses to Apriorit, you’ll get actionable results you can rely on to make business-critical decisions:

  • Unbiased business evaluation of your project
  • Sufficient technical documentation
  • Compelling arguments for investors
  • Clear view of the further development process

Support your business ideas with expert evaluation

While providing software discovery services, we treat each project with special care and involve only the most suitable experts at every stage.

Business analyst (BA)

Enables delivery of high-quality discovery phase services for software projects. Turns your business goals, market analytics, and customer data into a list of precise product requirements, user stories, and acceptance criteria for the development team.

Solution architect

Usually an expert with 10+ years of experience who prepares a scalable solution architecture, selects the most fitting third-party frameworks and platforms, and forms an effective technology stack.

Reverse engineer

Searches for undocumented capabilities and offers new ways to implement your project.

UI/UX designer

Delivers the visual part of your project by preparing mock-ups, wireframes, and prototypes; ensures a high level of usability and user-friendliness for your product.

Engineering team

Software developers and quality assuring specialists build the necessary functionality for your minimum viable product (MVP) or proof of concept (PoC).

Project manager

Is the main point of contact for the client and monitors and manages the project on Apriorit’s side, ensuring that our team meets the client’s requirements and deadlines. The PM also shares status reports with stakeholders and provides deliverables in the requested form, including demos, research reports, binary files, etc.

Select a fitting approach to your business idea

Apriorit offers a wide variety of research and discovery services for you to choose from. Pick the one that fits your goals and the needs of your project.

Types of research and discovery services we offer

Technical research

Security and performance research

Proof of concept

User interface prototype

Minimum viable product

Product vision / specification

Project estimate

What they do:

  • Check the capabilities of hardware the client wants to use
  • Analyze the applicability of software components the client wants to use
  • Determine if the analyzed software and hardware is suitable for the project

Most suitable for:

  • Projects using custom hardware
  • Projects using custom firmware
  • Drivers for custom devices
  • Complex solutions comprised of multiple components

Get in touch with us to select the service that would benefit your company’s project the most!

What’s next?

Use the results of our research and discovery services for software development to make data-driven decisions.

You can test another hypothesis if you’re not sure about the viability of your current business idea or want to look at other options. Apriorit experts will gladly assist you with a new round of product discovery phase services for software development.

Want to keep going with the current project right away? Apriorit will gladly assist you with its development and further maintenance. Since our experts already know your project from top to bottom, further iterations will be smooth and super productive.

In case you need to pause the project for some time to accumulate more funds, the deliverables from your research and discovery phase services for product development will help you convince potential investors to support your project. And once you’re ready to bring the project to life, the Apriorit team will happily step in.

Why choose Apriorit?

Deciding to work with Apriorit is the first step towards your project’s success. We’ll consult with you on the most relevant technologies, suggest a reliable technology stack for your solution, create an appealing product design, and organize high-quality development and testing processes.

Here’s what you can get as a result of our partnership:

Only the best-fitting technologies for your project

Established development process

Transparent workflow and communication

An efficient, secure, bug-free product

Support and maintenance

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