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We’re obsessed with quality

Apriorit provides full-stack quality assurance and software testing services, including security and penetration testing. We’re warriors for quality. That’s why for us, QA is an inseparable part of the development lifecycle.

With many years of QA experience behind us, we can also train your employees and consult on how to build your own in-house QA department.

Mature processes

At Apriorit, we’ve established mature QA processes based on fundamental ISTQB principles. Our QA routine includes:

QA mature processes

Alongside strong internal mentorship and knowledge sharing practices, our specialists obtain individual certifications. Each Apriorit QA specialist starting at the Senior/Test Designer level has ISTQB certification.

In addition to processes and people, equipment and tools matter. Apriorit is proud to have various testing labs equipped with efficient, innovative tools:

  • Collections of specialized devices for testing mobile solutions
  • DevOps tools and techniques for creating large virtual environments to test large-scale solutions
  • Professional QA tools and frameworks for automated and other types of testing

See our full portfolio showing our technical skills and experience

QA services from A to Z

Our QA department consists of several specialized teams that accumulate deep expertise relevant to specific software domains:

Drivers and low-level solutions

Drivers and low-level solutions

Distributed systems

Distributed systems

Virtual platforms

Virtual platforms

Mobile, tablet, and desktop apps

Mobile, tablet, and desktop apps

Apriorit provides a full range of functional and non-functional testing services backed by our unique expertise in the following:

Performance and load testing. Our QA teams conduct only relevant types of performance testing to ensure your software is stable, scalable, and performant under heavy loads. We run load testing for web and SaaS solutions as well as for on-premises client–server applications.

Windows Performance Monitor
iostat (Linux)

Test automation. Our test automation engineers use automated tools to increase regression testing coverage and speed up product releases. We can prepare custom automation testing strategies to detect more defects in less time.

Selenium WebDriver
Cypress framework

Security testing. Being obsessed with cybersecurity, Apriorit experts take a comprehensive approach to security testing and provide penetration testing services. Our specialists dive deep into your software’s security and offer specific recommendations on how to eliminate vulnerabilities.

Kali Linux
Burp Suite

QA consulting. We can audit your QA processes and come up with the most effective ways to improve them. Our experts can also assist you with product certification and compliance.

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I consider them to be a part of our team. They never say no and have always been flexible and professional. I’ve stuck with Apriorit for 4 years.

Their QA people are excellent; I can give them any mission and they will figure out how to do it. Read more »

Eyal Dotan, CEO at Borta

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