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Make software quality your key selling point

Bugs, glitches, and slow performance can ruin the reputation of even the most innovative and well-promoted solution. That’s why quality assurance (QA) and testing services should be an integral part of any software development process.

Early and thorough QA helps you significantly reduce the number of code errors, deliver a high-quality product, meet deadlines, and stay within your development budget.

Benefits of QA adoption

Deliver a high-quality product

Avoid costly last-minute fixes
and bugs in production

Reduce system load
and resource consumption

Get early feedback on quality
of your software

Maximize product performance

Increase end user satisfaction

Leverage Apriorit’s one-stop-shop QA services

Being QA geeks with over two decades of experience in the field, we can help you inspect any software, from smart contracts and AI-based solutions to web applications and cloud environments. Apriorit provides full-stack software testing and quality assurance services, including security and penetration testing.

Here’s a list of tasks our QA and software testing services can help you with:

QA and software testing services we provide

Quality assurance and control

Benefit from comprehensive QA services starting at the first stages of product development. We can build quality assurance software testing process from scratch using new approaches and proven best practices.

Performance and load testing

Ensure your software is stable, scalable, and performant under heavy loads while only conducting relevant types of performance testing. We’ll also help you monitor and improve performance of your systems.

Mobile testing

Using hundreds of real and virtual Android and iOS devices, we detect and fix bugs so you can provide a seamless customer experience on any device and operating system version.

API testing

We verify the correct operation, stability, and workflow integration of each API. This type of testing ensures that your product efficiently and securely exchanges information with third-party products.

UI/UX testing

We examine how user interfaces work and whether they are easy to understand for end users. Testing your product’s UI/UX confirms that your product’s interface works as intended and that end users will be satisfied with it.

Test automation

We use automated tools to increase regression testing coverage and prepare custom automation testing strategies to detect more defects in less time. This enables you to speed up product releases without compromising quality.

Preparing test documentation

Test documentation is the backbone of successful QA. We develop documentation that gives you a clear understanding of what to test, how, and when to maximize the results of your QA efforts.

Researching opportunities for quality improvements

We uncover ways to improve your product’s performance, stability, and ease of use. An unbiased assessment of your product’s performance provides you with a fresh perspective on the product.

QA consulting

We audit your testing strategy, QA processes, and test cases to find the most effective ways to improve them. Our experts can also assist you with getting your product certified and achieving compliance.

As part of quality assurance and testing services we provide, we generate a detailed report on what we tested and how, as well as expert tips for fixing each bug. Our reports provide you with a deep understanding of discovered issues and actionable insights on how to improve the quality of your product.

Technologies we use

We continually implement new QA approaches, methodologies, and tools to deliver top-quality services to our clients.

Our QA and software testing experts have many certifications: ISTQB Foundation Level, AWS Cloud Practitioner, Microsoft Technology Associate: Database Fundamentals, and others.

We can obtain additional certifications if your project requires them.

Our recent QA projects

  • Testing a Windows audio driver and acquiring WHQL certification
  • Web API testing for a cybersecurity solution
  • Checking neural network performance of an AI-based healthcare solution
  • Performance testing of a virtual application delivery platform
  • Stability testing of a blockchain-based platform for international remittance payments
  • Quality assurance for a cloud-based HR management platform

Get in touch with us to select the perfect technology stack for testing your product!

Why work with us?

Apriorit QA and software testing experts focus on the unique needs of each particular project to help our clients succeed. We develop a suitable testing strategy, choose a fitting methodology and tools, and help you deliver a high-quality product within your deadlines and budget.

Here’s what you get with our QA services:

Best-fitting technologies

Transparent and measurable results

Three outsourcing models to choose from

Focus on your needs and wants

Flexible and predictable workflow

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