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Take your business to new heights with reverse engineering

Today’s businesses often struggle with protecting their sensitive data from cyberattacks, combating unexplained bottlenecks, or not having access to device specifications. Reverse engineering services can help you overcome these issues and facilitate progress and innovation within your company.

Apriorit provides individual reversing experts and entire dedicated reverse engineering teams for your business. Our skilled and experienced reversers can help you solve non-trivial issues with IT solutions during development and operations.

Apriorit has over 22 years of experience in reverse engineering in cybersecurity. Our team of experts with rare skills and strong development backgrounds is ready to take your solution apart and help you deeply understand how it works.

Leverage our cutting-edge reverse engineering services

Unraveling complicated code, the exact functionality of software elements, and their technical specifications demands precision, skill, and expertise. Our dedicated team of reverse engineers brings years of experience and specialized knowledge to the table.

Benefits of delegating reverse engineering to us

Proven cybersecurity expertise

Accelerated development process

Actionable development insights

Innovative product improvements

Cost reduction during the development process

With our reverse engineering services, you can reconstruct lost source code and fit additional features into your existing system. You can also benefit from the unique scope of reverse engineering security services we provide:

Reverse engineering services we provide

Turn complex software challenges into opportunities by delegating your non-trivial tasks to our reverse engineering professionals.

Our unique expertise

Specialists on the Apriorit reverse engineering team constantly expand their expertise in cybersecurity, cryptography, embedded software development, and advanced operating system management.

What can we give to our clients?

Troubleshoot hardware and software without access to code

Gain access to undocumented solutions

Protect data and intellectual property

Detect and mitigate critical issues and blockers

Key technologies and frameworks we use

We use various manual and automated reverse engineering and vulnerability analysis tools and techniques, choosing the optimal technology stack for each use case.

Analysis techniques

Code manipulation and execution

Debugging and troubleshooting

  • Static analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Sniffing
  • Fuzzing
  • Network traffic analysis
  • Protocol analysis
  • Black-box analysis
  • White-box analysis

Want to know more about how you can benefit from our software reverse engineering services? Let’s discuss how reverse engineering in software engineering can assist your project at every stage.

Our recent projects

  • Monitored system calls in Windows using Dtrace and XPerf to safely analyze Windows behavior
  • Performed reverse engineering on firmware for a smart air purifier
  • Reverse engineered a macOS API and used it in a proof of concept Swift application
  • Reverse engineered iOS/Android applications to find A/B testing mechanisms in them and turn them on/off to see new alpha/beta features
  • Reverse engineered embedded systems for IoT devices to improve their security

Why work with us?

When choosing our reverse engineering company, you will gain access to a wide range of benefits:

Committed team of professionals

Strong focus on cybersecurity

Cutting-edge technology

Transparent communication and workflow

Our clients’ success stories

What our clients say about us


What is software reverse engineering and what is included in it?

What does reverse engineering mean? Our expert reverse engineering services uncover the inner workings and structure of your hardware or software. Apriorit can assist you with integrating undocumented file formats and APIs, recreating documentation for legacy code, and finding suitable technologies for your product. All this will help you gain insights into intricate systems, enabling you to make informed decisions, detect possible project constraints, and optimize your software development and compatibility efforts.

Is reverse engineering ethical and legal?

<p>The reverse engineering process is completely legal when performed properly. Apriorit prioritizes ethical and legal practices, so you can confidently leverage the benefits of reverse engineering while staying in line with the law. We also keep your private data confidential and prevent it from being misused.<br>
Here are some recommendations on how to reverse engineer software without breaking the law: 
<li>Obtain a license for the software you want to research</li>
<li>Make sure that the license doesn’t explicitly prohibit reverse engineering</li>
<li>Use the results of reverse engineering to improve compatibility or create a unique product</li>
<li>Don’t disclose the results of reverse engineering</li>

How do you approach and integrate reverse engineering services into clients’ projects?

<p>How does reverse engineering work in our case? At Apriorit, we start with a thorough analysis of the project’s feasibility and legal considerations. We assess the amount and complexity of code to be reversed. We also check the availability of tools to work with the architecture the code is built for, or we develop such tools ourselves. 
<br>Once we have a comprehensive understanding of the project, we create a research plan and provide initial estimates. Apriorit dedicated reverse engineers develop a Proof of Concept to demonstrate the effectiveness of the reverse engineered code. Finally, we refine the code, conduct thorough testing, and provide comprehensive documentation along with the source code to the client.

What kind of reverse engineering tasks can be delegated?

<p>The Apriorit reverse engineering service company performs the following tasks:</p>

<li>Malware research</li>
<li>Closed data format and protocol research</li>
<li>Software and operating system research to provide compatibility and advanced features</li>
<li>Analysis for IP rights violation cases</li>
<li>Support and patching of undocumented code</li>
<li>Firmware reversing</li>

Will reverse engineering impact the functionality or integrity of my existing systems?

<p>Reverse engineering, when done responsibly and legally, should not directly impact the functionality or integrity of your existing systems. Instead, you will get a reliable product architecture and the prospect of integrating third-party code without crashes. If the process is not conducted correctly, there’s a possibility of unintentional changes or disruptions to systems.</p>

<p>Since reverse engineering requires a certain level of technical expertise and knowledge, it’s best to hire a team of professionals. At Apriorit, we have skilled individuals who understand why reverse engineering is important, know the systems used for this purpose, and can perform reverse engineering accurately.</p>

When is it best to perform reverse engineering services?

Reversing can bring valuable benefits to almost any project at any stage of its development.<br>
Our experience shows that applying reverse engineering to analyze the capabilities of domain-specific projects is extremely beneficial, as it speeds up research and helps the developers to draw up a list of must-have features. You can apply reverse engineering to find suitable technologies for your product and even for creating a reliable product architecture. <br>Some customers also request reverse engineering to ensure a smooth third-party integration or to develop new features for legacy software that they’ve used for years. 

Can you rewrite lost parts of code?

<p>We can help you recover lost code by reversing binaries, assessing the possibility of code recovery, and evaluating the efforts required to do it.</p>
With lost code, in some instances it makes more, it makes more business sense to write a new codebase from scratch. If necessary, Apriorit can provide you with a skilled development team that will implement your specifications in a way that fits your business needs.

What kinds of deliverables do you provide?

<p>At Apriorit, we understand that each research task is unique, so our experts carefully select the appropriate tools and methodologies and formulate a preliminary plan with hypotheses to test and data to gather.</p>
<p>As a result of our outsourced reverse engineering software services, you will get a research report that includes:</p>
<li>Task and subtask formalization</li>
<li>A description of investigated approaches, tested hypotheses, and tools and technologies used for research</li>
<li>Research results, including function interfaces, data format descriptions, and other project-specific details</li>
<li>Working prototypes around research results upon your request</li>
<p>To ensure the transparency and convenience of our collaboration, we provide a free preliminary estimate that outlines the scope, time, and efforts required for your research project.</p>

Can you help with detecting and fixing issues without source code?

<p>This is a challenging task, but our Apriorit reverse engineering team can do it. The complexity of such a task depends on factors like product size, available documentation, and technologies involved. For example, detecting issues that emerge after a system or environment update requires comparing the product’s behavior in the previous stable environment vs the current environment. We evaluate all risks and discuss them with our clients before we start working on such projects. </p>
Apriorit’s seasoned reversing team with over 20 years of experience ensures legal and safe approaches to your tasks. We prioritize understanding the problem and your desired outcomes. Contact us with your challenging reverse engineering task and we’ll collaborate on potential solutions tailored to your needs.

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