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Passionate about reverse engineering

Reverse engineering skills are relatively rare in IT industry, but we developed them due to our work on advanced security projects. We united people who could become professional hackers, but they chose to stand up for the good. Now, Apriorit has a reverse engineering team that really make the difference.

Reverse engineering? What do you do with it?!

Reverse engineering is a detailed analysis of a software system, network protocol, or data format to discover its architecture, technological principles, and logic of its functioning. Reverse engineering can suppose complete or partial code restoration.

Our reverse engineering company applies this technique for the following tasks:

  • Malware research
  • Closed data formats and protocols research
  • Software and OS research to provide compatibility and advanced features
  • Analysis for IP rights violation cases
  • Support and patching of undocumented code

Strong expertise of Our Reverse Engineering Team

Our reverse engineers are constantly improving their expertise due to Apriorit’s activity in cybersecurity, cryptography, embedded software development and advanced OS management projects.

For more than a decade, we collect and develop our set of reverse engineering tools and techniques. Our reversing team formalizes approaches, elaborates methodologies and best practices to share them within the company and educate the community.

With multiple research projects under the belt, Apriorit managed to build an effective and formalized process for this unique and creative activity. We make the stages transparent, progress measurable and controllable, and results as predictable as possible.

What deliverables we provide

Each research task is unique, and we conduct open communication to understand the specifics of your request.

After your request for software reverse engineering services is received and discussed, our team starts working. Our specialists select proper tools and approaches, form preliminary plan with hypothesis to check and data to obtain. After the plan is validated against your priorities, budget and terms limitations, the team forms schedule and starts working with frequent status reporting.

As a result of our outsource reverse engineering services, you will get a research report that includes:

  • Task and sub-tasks formalization
  • Description of investigated approaches, tested hypothesis, description of tools and technologies used for research
  • Results of research: function interfaces, data format descriptions, and other details specific for the project.
  • Working prototypes around research results, upon your request.

To comfort our clients, we provide a free preliminary estimation pack for research projects. It includes description and detailed costing of research scope, time, and efforts.

Our main goal was to create a solution for malware protection. They deliver both the finished product as well as a comprehensive spreadsheet that describes the quality and stability tests of their end product release. Apriorit is far better than everybody else. Read more »

CTO, Malware Protection Platform

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