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Create the chatbot your users deserve

Smart chatbots help companies boost their sales, automate routine activities for employees, and improve the user experience. Apriorit experts can create an AI chatbot tailored to your needs. With our AI chatbot development services, you’ll get exactly the product you envision: efficient, secure, and easy to integrate with third-party services.

Hiring Apriorit chatbot developers allows you to:

  • Access a team of industry professionals
  • Unlock new business opportunities with a cutting-edge solution
  • Keep your sensitive data secure and private
  • Personalize the customer experience

Work with professionals recognized in the industry

Apriorit is acknowledged by both our clients and industry leaders as an expert AI chatbot development company.

Leverage a wide variety of AI chatbot development services

We can help you with any chatbot development process and guarantee that you’ll get a secure, quality product.

Chatbot research & discovery

Rely on our detailed market analysis to meet your users’ needs and prevent development bottlenecks.

Custom design and development

Get a solution that provides your users with a seamless UI/UX and satisfies the specific needs of your industry.

On-premises development

Avoid security threats and sharing data with third-party service providers by deploying your AI chatbot on-premises.

Chatbot customization

Bring an existing chatbot to a new level with new features, technology improvements, and performance optimization.

Fine-tuning and optimization

Organize your business data into a training dataset and adapt a proven AI model to your business requirements.

AI chatbot integration

Add your AI chatbot to any part of your business ecosystem: web and mobile apps, SaaS products, or an internal corporate system.

Quality assurance

Ensure your chatbot is flawless before its release with thorough testing of its answers, efficiency, consistency, and security.

Support and maintenance

Have a team of experts continuously improving your  chatbot using customer feedback and emerging AI technologies.

Admin panel development

We include an admin panel with every chatbot, allowing you to easily access usage statistics, expenditure records, conversation history, and more.

Get the AI chatbot you envision

Outsource your AI chatbot development tasks to a professional team equipped with everything you need to benefit from a well-tuned and secure AI chatbot.

Thorough preparation for development

Apriorit’s business analysts define product requirements, compliance restrictions, and killer features before a single line of code is written.

Multi-layered approach to cybersecurity

We secure your chatbot and its data at every level, from assessing AI model security to checking API integrations  and deploying the chatbot on-premises.

Robust data infrastructure

Our developers and DevOps engineers set up flexible and powerful infrastructure to fuel the most demanding AI models and ensure fast and smooth data processing.

Efficient training for foundational AI models

After we research and choose a suitable generative AI model, we train it with model pruning, fine-tuning, few-shot prompting, and other strategies.

Rigorous quality assurance

We iteratively test the AI chatbot’s performance, security, and answer accuracy to ensure you get a quality, highly optimized product free from bias.

Well-balanced development team

Form your team out of specialists with different competency levels to meet your project’s needs in terms of budget and skills.

Start your AI chatbot development journey by booking a reliable and skillful partner!

Get an AI chatbot that fits your needs

Whether you need a simple single-purpose chatbot or a complex multitasking AI assistant, we will turn your idea into a viable product. Here are some of the types of chatbots we can build for you:

LLM-based chatbots

Adjust popular conversational AI models like GPT and BERT for your particular tasks and target users.

Virtual assistants

Offer personalized support and seamless interactions for enhanced engagement and satisfaction.

Transactional chatbots

Help your users with specific activities: financial transactions, shopping, order management, etc.

Voice chatbots

Make your services available to customers who prefer voice conversations to messaging.

Hybrid chatbots

Combine the capabilities of several types of AI chatbots to make them available and helpful to a wide audience.

Internal corporate chatbots

Automate the routine for your employees by creating a chatbot that can retrieve data, do simple tasks, and plan activities.

Streamline AI chatbot development with our mature workflow

Implement cutting-edge AI technologies

At Apriorit, we have mastered a huge variety of AI models and development tools to deliver exactly the solution you need.

Programming languages

AI models

Deep learning frameworks

Neural networks

AI development libraries

Modules and toolkits

Cloud AI Services

  • Python
  • C++
  • C#

Industries we work with

Become a leader in your industry with the power of GenAI

Don’t see your industry on the list? Reach out to discuss how we can adjust our development processes to cater to your business needs!

Why work with us

Get yourself a partner with more than just AI development expertise.

Extensive experience in AI development

Mature delivery processes

Transparent workflow and communication

Proactive and collaborative mindset

Focus on cybersecurity

Our clients’ success stories

What our clients say about us


How do you ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of an AI chatbot?

When a user asks an out-of-the-box AI chatbot something it doesn’t know, the chatbot can hallucinate instead of admitting to a gap in its knowledge. At Apriorit, we <a href=/dev-blog/context-aware-chatbot-development>prevent hallucination</a> in several ways:

<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>Enhancing the LLM’s memory so it can remember the current conversation</li>
<li>Extending the chatbot’s knowledge base with records about the client’s business, products, services, etc.</li>
<li>Fine-tuning the AI model to make it consume fewer resources when generating answers</li>
<li>Testing the chatbot’s responses to unexpected prompts before release</li>

What is your approach to AI chatbot design and user experience?

At Apriorit, we cultivate <a href=/rd-services/ui-ux-design-services>UI/UX design</a> skills alongside software and business development. When tasked with designing an AI chatbot, we focus on creating intuitive and user-friendly chatbot interfaces that enhance the overall user experience. We prioritize user-centric design principles and conduct thorough usability testing to ensure that the chatbot meets users’ needs and expectations.

How can I prepare a dataset for AI chatbot training? 

<p>Creating a custom training dataset during AI chatbot development improves the accuracy and efficiency of the final product. This process is challenging for any company, but it’s completely doable with the help of AI development experts.</p>

Apriorit developers recommend following these best practices to create a custom dataset:

<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>Determine the AI chatbot’s purpose and desired capabilities</li>
<li>Collect relevant data</li>
<li>Eradicate possible data bias</li>
<li>Categorize and annotate records</li>
<li>Test the dataset</li>
<li>Update the dataset regularly</li>

Also, we can assist you in creating your custom dataset that will minimize the risk of hallucinations and other dataset-related issues.

How can I ensure security and data privacy of AI-powered chatbots?

<p>It’s impossible to completely secure your data when working with an AI chatbot developed by a third party since you need to send your data to their servers. Also, it’s unclear whether third parties retain data they receive from their clients.</p>

Creating a custom AI chatbot or deploying a commercial model on-premises allows you to implement the following security measures:

<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>Encrypt user data</li>
<li>Anonymize or pseudonymize user data to protect sensitive information</li>
<li>Redact sensitive data and personally identifiable information</li>
<li>Store data in secure environments with access controls and intrusion detection systems</li>
<li>Perform regular audits and compliance checks</li>

Can you tune a chatbot to provide or not provide certain information based on user permissions?

<p>Since AI-powered chatbots can be trained on a huge set of sensitive data, they need to be able to recognize user roles or job titles to avoid oversharing.</p>

<p>At Apriorit, we address this risk by customizing chatbot behavior and implementing role-based access control mechanisms. They allow security officers to create user roles and groups with different security permission levels. This way, a chatbot can share sensitive information with a user only if this user has a corresponding role.</p>

For example, a chatbot might provide financial information only to accountants.

Can you integrate a chatbot with our existing systems and platforms? 

<p>Yes, we specialize in integrating AI chatbots with various systems and platforms.</p>

Apriorit developers have expertise in API integration, ensuring smooth communication between a chatbot and other systems. We can add an AI chatbot to your web or mobile application, SaaS solution, or enterprise system (CMS, <a href=/dev-blog/391-how-to-build-saas-crm>CRM</a>, <a href=/dev-blog/389-saas-hr-development>HRMS</a>, or any other type of product).

Which factors impact the cost of AI chatbot development?

The cost of AI chatbot services depends on your requirements and expectations of the product itself, your development budget, and your expected delivery dates. Here are the key factors that influence the cost:

<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>Chatbot complexity</li>
<li>Natural language processing capabilities</li>
<li>Required integration with existing systems</li>
<li>Number of programming languages used</li>
<li>Degree of customization</li>
<li>Scalability requirements</li>
<li>Security and compliance requirements</li>

What level of support and maintenance do you provide after chatbot deployment?

<p>We can offer comprehensive support and maintenance services post-deployment both for our solutions and for your existing product. Apriorit’s software maintenance services can include bug fixing, ongoing monitoring, improvements to a working product, and regular updates.</p>

Ensuring that your AI chatbot gets quality support after the initial release will allow you to keep your product up to date and in line with modern requirements in terms of cybersecurity, usability, and competitiveness.

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