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Passionate about virtualization and cloud computing

For more than a decade, virtualization services and cloud computing have been our core specialities. Apriorit has played a pivotal role in many projects involving both open-source and commercial virtual and cloud computing environments for leading software vendors.

Virtualization technologies

Our system programming and data management skills give us a strong foundation for working on virtualization-related projects.

Apart from traditional solutions, the rich portfolio of our research and development teams includes unique virtualization technologies for runtime switching between virtual operating system instances on physical devices or hypervisor-level antivirus systems.

Apriorit virtualization project domains

  • Desktop virtualization technologies
  • User environment personalization
  • File system virtualization and virtual disks
  • Storage virtualization
  • Operating system virtualization
  • Network virtualization

Hypervisor-level technologies we’ve developed support:

  • Enhanced interaction with the Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESXi, and KVM hypervisors
  • Programmatic hypervisor management
  • Virtual machine active memory access (hypervisor level)
  • Virtual machine file system access (hypervisor level)
  • Virtual system image parsing

We build software which competes with Citrix and VMware, utilizing remote desktop protocols. Apriorit developers are highly skilled not only in terms of app or database builders but across numerous technologies.

Apriorit is very good at creating low-level protocols for security, being able to work at OS level. Read more »

Project Lead

(Extract from the independent review on Clutch.co)

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