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Rethink your networks

Network infrastructure grows continually, often becoming complex, bulky, and hard to control. To handle it efficiently, you need a reliable network management solution. Custom network management software can be better aligned with industry-specific tasks, achieve stronger security, and meet compliance requirements.

At Apriorit, we focus on crafting custom software with scalability and data protection in mind. Leveraging virtualization, cloud computing, software-defined networking, and other advanced technologies, we deliver network management solutions that are secure, competitive, and bottleneck-free.


Entrust your network management software development to Apriorit’s professionals and benefit from:

  • Reduced network complexity for effective network management
  • Fast data transfer and consistent performance even during peak hours
  • Proactive defense against cybersecurity attacks and vulnerabilities
  • Improved scalability to maintain efficient work of your solution as it grows

Services we offer

Whether you want to turn a new business idea into a real product or improve your existing network management software, Apriorit is here for you.


Custom network software development

Receive network management software that’s completely adjusted to your project’s specifics, tasks, and requirements.


Network configuration (NetOps)

Improve networking operations management with carefully chosen and implemented DevOps tools and techniques.


Network monitoring and observability

Ensure full visibility across all your networks by reducing infrastructure complexity and establishing better network resilience.


Implementation of zero trust network access

Elevate your software protection and eliminate security gaps by only granting access to specific services or applications.


Network security

Enhance network security with robust firewalls, intrusion detection systems, encryption protocols, and other vital network protection measures.


Network optimization

Streamline network performance modernization by leveraging traffic analysis, bandwidth management, protocol optimization, and other techniques.


Data management

Refine data management activities, enabling secure and fast storage, transfer, and handling of your data along with distributed data backups.

QA and testing

Ensure software reliability and competitiveness with proven quality assurance practices, as well as additional services like security audits and penetration testing.

Network management software development tasks we tackle

Full network activity monitoring

Remote browser isolation

Implementation of a software defined perimeter

Custom protocols

Custom VPN development

Firewall configuration for instant messaging

Traffic parsing, proxying, and load balancing

Network disks and shared data management

Network extensions development

Distributed data backup

Bandwidth management

Centralized maintenance tasks for large systems

Network packet inspection and filtering

Don’t see the service or task you’re looking for?

Reach out to Apriorit with your request. Our engineers will analyze your project details and get back to you with implementation options and estimates.

Benefits of custom network management software

Trying to adjust out-of-the-box solutions and integrate multiple third-party tools is hard, and there is no guarantee of success. The Apriorit team will build a tailored solution that manages your network exactly the way you expect it to, bringing:

Enhanced security

Improve flexibility, harden protection against cyber threats, and secure access to your sensitive data and resources.

Better control

Increase visibility over network infrastructure with the ability to easily monitor performance, analyze traffic, and troubleshoot issues.

Improved resilience

Ensure your infrastructure runs smoothly, eliminate network downtime, and avoid disruption to business processes.

Our recent projects

  • A custom app for a client’s network using the DPDK framework to reduce unnecessary CPU usage and speed up network packet transfers
  • Bandwidth aggregation for solving network performance issues and improving the efficiency of a client’s application
  • Network performance improvements after applying advanced filtering
  • Enhancement of a Windows-based endpoint security product by rebuilding one of its elements
  • A custom VPN solution based on WireGuard VPN technology, supporting Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android
  • Added support for macOS to a client’s Windows-oriented desktop VPN application
  • Improvements to an IoT solution that communicates with devices via a local Wi-Fi browser interface by changing a Bluetooth interface
  • Client part of a custom protocol for high-speed, low-latency transfer of Linux page memories between two endpoints

Tools and technologies we use

Every network software development project requires a carefully chosen technology stack. We’ll make sure to only choose tools that benefit your final solution.

Programming languages




Other tools

  • С/C++
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • Swift
  • Objective C

Share your project ideas and business needs with Apriorit. We’ll help you develop the exact solution you want.

Workflow for custom network management software development

At Apriorit, we adjust our workflow to your wishes, needs, and business goals. The most common way of delivering solutions includes the following five stages:

Industries we serve

Looking for network monitoring and management software development services for a specific industry? Receive a solution that perfectly suits your field.

Explore more of our services

Make the most of Apriorit’s expertise to ensure your network management solution has everything it takes to drive success.

MAM & MDM Development Services

Get a custom MAM/MDM solution with enhanced data security, streamlined app management, and regulatory compliance.

Kernel & Driver Development

Ensure a strong core of your product by letting Apriorit professionals build a kernel solution that is secure and performant.

Backend Development Services

Receive an optimized, scalable, and secure foundation for your software with a fully functional back end delivered by Apriorit.

Cloud Infrastructure Management Services

Improve existing or implement new cloud infrastructure. We’ll migrate your data from on-premises storage to the cloud while keeping it safe using IaC.

Why choose Apriorit?

Rely on the expertise and experience of Apriort’s network management developers. We continuously invest in enhancing our specialists’ engineering skills to provide our clients with professional network management R&D services. Our experts are ready to help you with network design, implementation, and management. With our assistance, you’ll be able to enhance your network performance and make monitoring and management efficient and secure.

Group 367

Wide tech skills, from driver development to cloud technologies


A reliable B2B partner for long-term projects


Fast formation of hand-selected expert teams


Niche expertise and ability to solve non-trivial tasks


Diverse pool of 400+ seasoned experts

Strong focus on cybersecurity


Transparent workflow and communication


Proactive and collaborative mindset

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Why is network management important?

Network management helps organizations ensure productivity, reduce network disruptions, and enhance network efficiency. It provides a comprehensive view of network infrastructure, enabling effective monitoring, management, and protection against unauthorized access. Efficient network management also helps in detecting and resolving network downtime, improving overall network availability.

What are network management solutions?

Network management solutions help IT specialists manage networks, providing a comprehensive view into network resources like routers, servers, and access points. Custom solutions for network management can also offer functionality for monitoring and inspecting network performance, as well as for detecting and troubleshooting issues.

What are examples of network management tasks?

Some of the most common network management tasks include:

<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>Network performance monitoring</li>
<li>IP address management</li>
<li>Network provisioning</li>
<li>Setting network access controls</li>
<li>Conducting network maintenance</li>

What is network virtualization?

Network virtualization is an approach to abstracting network resources that are conventionally delivered via hardware as software. This approach allows network administrators to move virtual machines across domains without reconfiguring the network. At Apriorit, we have rich experience <a href=/dev-blog/790-virtualization-vpn-and-sdp>delivering secure virtual private networks</a> that provide access to local and cloud resources.

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