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Information is a priceless resource. That’s why the data transferred across your corporate network requires high-end protection. Furthermore, essential security measures such as GDPR, PCI DSS, and HIPAA require organizations to constantly monitor network processes and limit access to critical data.

Deploying a remote network monitoring solution can help you mitigate the risk of data leaks and financial losses. You have two options for remote network monitoring: use a standard out-of-the-box solution with limited capabilities or build remote network monitoring software from scratch to meet all of your requirements.


Apriorit develops custom solutions for remote network management and monitoring. With a custom solution in place, you can:

  • Monitor the state of your network
  • Effectively manage internal processes
  • Ensure enhanced security of critical data
  • And more

We can develop remote network management software that’s completely adjusted to the specific tasks and requirements of your project. Most of our solutions are written in C/C++, C#, and JavaScript, although the list of languages we work with constantly grows.

  • Remote network monitoring and management
  • Full network activity monitoring (including low-level details)
  • Instant messenger firewalls
  • Traffic parsing and analysis
  • Network packet inspection and filtering
  • Data management for network disks and shared data
  • Network load balancing and bandwidth management
  • Distributed data backups and continuous backup from various sources
  • Maintenance task centralization for large systems
  • Custom traffic proxies and network firewalls

Apriorit specialists rely on relevant project experience and follow the latest network technology trends to provide you with professional network management R&D services.


Apriorit provides networking and display protocol expertise. The team has had minimal turnover over this 8-year-long relationship. Apriorit provides quality code and meets all deadlines set before them. They have a diverse set of developers with depth of knowledge across multiple technologies, making them an invaluable partner. Read more »


Founder & CTO, Data Recovery Company

(Extract from the independent review on Clutch.co)


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