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Optimize your business with custom SaaS software

As a SaaS development company with over 20 years of experience, Apriorit has helped numerous clients bring their ideas and existing products to the cloud. Hire our experts to get a performant, scalable, and secure SaaS application.

optimize your business with custom SaaS

Apriorit provides a full range of SaaS development services, from architecture design to prototyping and maintenance. We know how to get the most out of any cloud platform, mitigate SaaS cybersecurity issues, and bring your dream product to the cloud.

optimize your business with custom SaaS

Acquire SaaS services that meet your business needs

Implement your business idea in the form of a cloud application with the following SaaS development services from Apriorit:

End-to-end SaaS solution development

End-to-end SaaS solution development

Multi-tenant SaaS solution development and migration

Multi-tenant SaaS solution development and migration

SaaS migration to and between clouds

SaaS migration to and between clouds

Consulting on SaaS code and architectural improvements

Consulting on SaaS code and architectural improvements

SaaS quality assurance and security testing

SaaS quality assurance and security testing

Support and modernization of legacy SaaS solutions

Support and modernization of legacy SaaS solutions

SaaS application development services are our key areas of expertise, alongside cloud computing, virtualization, and cloud infrastructure management. At Apriorit, we have experience developing and supporting many types of SaaS solutions. We’ll figure out a way to meet your unique needs and the challenges of your industry as well as to help you improve your business processes.

Types of SaaS solutions we develop

Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management

All-in-one management system to conduct, control, track, and analyze communications with your customers

Payroll management

Payroll management

Automated and streamlined system that substitutes hundreds of Excel spreadsheets for payroll-related accounting

HR management

HR management

Cloud-based portal for transparent employee recruiting, onboarding, daily management, and termination

Content management

Content management

User-friendly system that allows non-tech savvy users to control and change your website’s contents

Enterprise resource planning

Enterprise resource planning

A system that facilitates your organization’s day-to-day operations, performance analytics, and insights for future improvements

Property management

Property management

A convenient cloud platform that unites rent processing, property screening, tenant management, and accounting

Deliver a SaaS solution of ultimate quality

With numerous SaaS application development tools, platforms, and approaches, knowing how to build a competitive solution becomes critical for making the right choices and delivering a high-quality product.

Our SaaS software developers have mastered many cloud technologies and can deliver SaaS solutions that are high-performing, secure, and optimized.

By delegating your product’s development and support to our SaaS developers, you can:

Prevent future bottlenecks with deep requirement analysis

With our in-depth analysis of your project’s requirements, you can be sure that potential development limitations will be discovered and resolved before we even start building your product.

Improve your product continuously

Continuously improve your product, roll out updates, and fix issues quickly with our short development iterations based on DevOps practices.

Optimize product performance

We help you achieve the best possible product performance by balancing the load on cloud servers and carefully utilizing server- and client-side resources.

Scale your product smoothly and cost-efficiently

Leverage the smooth work of cloud scaling services under any load after we configure them with attention to your product’s needs.

Ensure cross-browser and cross-platform support

Our extensive compatibility testing for various browsers, browser versions, and platforms ensures that your end users will get a flawless experience.

Validate communication with end users via web forms

Careful implementation and configuration of web forms allows your SaaS application to correctly receive and store data it gets from end users.

Eliminate database-related issues

By conducting continuous database testing, our QA experts verify that your SaaS solution will communicate with data stores quickly and flawlessly.

Get the most out of cloud servers

Examining server performance separately from SaaS client-side performance helps our team fine-tune your server according to your SaaS needs.

Detect and fix security vulnerabilities

Early detection of cybersecurity issues thanks to DevSecOps reduces the cost of fixing issues and protects each of your SaaS product iterations from hacking.

Need more features and SaaS customization options?

Our ultimate goal is to deliver solutions tailored to each client’s needs and wants. We start projects by investigating how a SaaS solution will help you grow your business and how our development expertise can facilitate your goals. Let’s start discussing the requirements for your dream SaaS development project!

Why choose us for SaaS platform development?

When outsourcing SaaS development to Apriorit, you get the following benefits:

Business-oriented tech stack selection

Business-oriented tech stack selection

Quick delivery of first results

Quick delivery of first results thanks to iterative development

Transparent and productive communication

Transparent and productive communication

An outsourcing pricing model suitable for your project

An outsourcing pricing model suitable for your project

Our clients’ success stories

What our clients say about us


How can you build a cloud-based SaaS application?

SaaS platform development involves six steps: discovery phase, evaluation, planning, subscribing, development, and operations. The first three steps are usually done once before the application’s launch. Subscribing, development, and operations occur during each iteration.
At Apriorit, we start SaaS development by <a href=/white-papers/710-project-discovery-phase>identifying our client’s needs</a> during the discovery phase. Then, we plan a user-centric design, choose a suitable cloud environment, and select reliable security mechanisms for each development iteration. After the release, we collect user feedback and help our client further improve their product.

What are the types of SaaS architecture?

Depending on the nature and goals of your application, you can choose between the following architecture properties:
<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>A vertical or horizontal architecture, suitable for industry-specific or feature-specific apps (respectively)</li>
<li>A single-tenant or multi-tenant SaaS architecture that caters to one or many clients within one app database</li>
<li>A monolithic or <a href=/case-studies/709-microservices-saas-property-management>microservices</a> architecture, defining whether application components are united or divided into multiple containers</li>
When designing an architecture, we take into account the application’s properties, your business goals, and growth predictions.

How can you scale a SaaS application?

Scalability is one of the key advantages of the SaaS delivery format, as its cloud-based nature allows applications to quickly adapt to user demands. Here’s what we do at Apriorit to make our applications scalable:
<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>Adopt a modular architecture and microservices</li>
<li>Leverage cloud-based infrastructure</li>
<li>Automate scaling processes</li>
<li>Implement continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD)</li>
<li>Monitor app performance and balance the load</li>

What are SaaS security layers?

To ensure data protection, a SaaS application has to be secured at the following levels:
<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>Infrastructure. Each CSP must pass a security check; every point of connection between providers should be correctly initiated and consistently maintained.</li>
<li>Network. Network security ensures that whenever someone accesses your product, the connection is secure.</li>
<li>Software. Prevent security vulnerabilities and attacks such as cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and other common web application attacks.</li>
Apriorit experts can help you build a secure SaaS product, maintain and audit an existing one, and offer advice on how to configure your solution’s protection.

What are the major security risks of SaaS projects?

SaaS solutions can be prone to hacking, insider attacks, weak data protection, and other risks. Here are the key <a href=/dev-blog/540-cloud-security-and-compliance>SaaS security risks</a> you need to consider when building your app:
<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>Misconfiguration of cloud infrastructure and application security</li>
<li>Failure to audit security risks of your CSP</li>
<li>Unprotected integrations</li>
<li>Insufficient logging and monitoring</li>
As a company with 20+ years of cybersecurity experience, we design all our applications with security in mind and implement protection mechanisms against common SaaS attacks.

How much does it cost to build a SaaS platform?

The cost of SaaS development is affected by many factors, including:
<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>The complexity of your product, which affects the time required for development</li>
<li>The technology stack you want to use</li>
<li>The size of the development team and required level of expertise</li>
<li>Cloud resource consumption</li>
Developing the first version of a SaaS product usually costs between $50,000 and $300,000.

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