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Apriorit Technology Portfolio Highlights

Please note that this section is devoted to the main (not all) technologies we developed for our projects. You can always find the whole project description in the Case Study section and examples of research works in Reverse Engineering Cases collection.

Interested in some technologies? Feel free to request the detailed Apriorit technology list – use Contact Us form.

Areas and Technologies:

Endpoint and Network

It’s important for many security applications to run in the silent mode to protect themselves from being deleted or blocked.

Stealth technologies perform personalized hiding of specified application components for specified domain or local user. In our projects, we have implemented process, service, file, and specified registry key hiding. We also developed a silent installation for a security application.

One of the main features of security systems, especially the passive control and forensic ones, is system monitoring. This activity has several important requirements:

– Do not affect user system performance;

– Do not change in any way monitored data (critical for forensic applications);

– Organize comprehensive logging and data storage.

Our teams worked on a number of system monitoring tasks, including file activity, network activity, process, registry, clipboard monitoring. We also implemented monitorings for high-level tasks: LPC and RPC function calls, MAPI COM object embedding to monitor emails and others.

Any corporate policy includes rules as for ports and devices to protect company from data leakage and malware attack.

A range of our technologies are related to device access management based on rules: for USB, FireWire, COM/LPT and other legacy devices. We’ve also developed solutions for secure and easy device driver installation and efficient work in OS.

To provide security from the very beginning and guarantee it at the lowest level of OS, one needs to dive deep into kernel level and OS internals.

To provide deep OS integration, our developers created a family of BootLoader technologies that allows to build customized bootloaders and thus influence on the OS functioning, improve system self-protection, or perform first-turn monitoring right at the system start.

The best way to see what is going on at the given workplace is to see it with your own eyes. Our portfolio includes event-dependent screenshot making by customizable rules and also desktop video capture. With this technology, it is possible to record the local, remote, and terminal sessions.

Virtualization and Remote Access

More and more business processes are being moved to the terminal servers. Access to the shared applications and devices via terminals allows to restrict system cost, lower costs, and centralize infrastructure management. Now, it’s hard to imagine a modern enterprise without terminal services.

Our developers created a family of redirection technologies for various objects (devices, video/audio streams, sound card) using RDP packages.

We also proudly include here the multimedia redirection that allows terminal users to play video/audio/flash content in the session without loss of quality and synchronization.

Among other benefits, terminal and remote access provides possibilities to share devices.

Apriorit teams worked on universal remote USB device, remote scanners, remote sound server.

Modern systems become more and more virtualized, including virtual elements at all levels.

Apriorit considers virtualization one of the main focus areas. Our technologies here include virtual disk, file system virtualization (file, folder, whole file system), virtual USB, virtual IP and other technologies.

Our research&development teams actively work on hypervisor technologies, in particular on agentless virtual machine access. Now, we own the technology of such hypervisor level access to the virtual machine active memory and file system. It can be applied to many solutions, for example we are working on our own product that is hypervisor-based antivirus.

Backup, Restore, Datahandling

When making backup copy of the large amount of data, exclusively opened and changing files are always a complicated task.

Our backup team implemented a series of technologies that provide access to the locked files and guarantee data integrity and stable work of backup process by making snapshots and buffering changes. These technologies work on file and disk level.

See project details in Case Study section.

To provide stable work, our researchers and developers investigated a number of data formats and implemented corresponding data parsers. Thus a backup solution makes raw data backup copy, which then can be parsed independently.

Parsers include solutions for email and chat databases, registry files, browser cache files, EMF files and others. Various file systems are supported.

To provide critical systems with quick restore to the stable state in case of crash or any other problems, the snapshot-rollback technologies were implemented.

They allow to make a system snapshot in a stable “clear” state, and then, when required, restore the system to that state at restart whatever changes or malware attacks took place before.

See project details in Case Study section.

Mobile Platforms

Successful combination of Reverse Engineering, Architecture & Format Research, and experienced development allowed us to develop a number of solutions for various platforms and mobile OS.

Our projects have been related to PC-device interaction, mobile device data acquisition and analysis, data exchange, mobile OS management. We worked with a wide range of devices and models with all their peculiarities.

Our Device Direction worked for various hardware and software platforms: x86, x64, ARM, AVR32, mCore; WinCE, Symbian, Android, iPhone.

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