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Transform your business with effective cloud management

Maintaining hardware and hybrid environments by yourself is costly and time-consuming. It can also be challenging for businesses to prevent potential data breaches and cyber threats when managing their on-premises or existing cloud infrastructure by themselves.

Aiming for greater flexibility, customization, and security, businesses often decide to move their data and services to the cloud or optimize their existing cloud infrastructure and management solution.

At Apriorit, we know how to improve your existing cloud infrastructure or implement a new one. We can migrate your sensitive data from on-premises storage to the cloud while keeping it safe using Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

cloud management

Delegate your cloud infrastructure management to us and focus on what really matters — expanding your business.

cloud management

Maximize your cloud potential with our management expertise

Apriorit specialists have extensive experience working with networks, virtual machines, cloud services, and databases while taking into account optimal performance, scalability, and security. When you choose Apriorit, you receive help every step of the way, including with orchestration, cloud infrastructure management, and security. We can assist you with managing infrastructure on popular cloud platforms:


Amazon Web Services


Microsoft Azure


Google Cloud Platform


Bare metal cloud servers

Benefit from the wide range of cloud infrastructure development and management services we provide:

infrastructure design

Cloud infrastructure design and development

Build cloud infrastructure that serves your business needs.

deployment automation

Deployment automation

Reduce deployment time and increase the reliability of your cloud infrastructure.

support and maintenance

Support and maintenance

Get continual support and updates to keep your cloud infrastructure secure and efficient.

infrastructure monitoring

Infrastructure monitoring

Identify potential performance and security issues within your cloud infrastructure.

performance reporting

Performance reporting and optimization

Optimize your cloud infrastructure to achieve peak performance.

container orchestration

Container orchestration

Improve scalability and speed up the deployment process.

identity management

Identity and access management

Boost your security by managing access to your cloud infrastructure.

data protection

Data protection solutions

Protect your data with the help of backups, replication, encryption, and secrets management.

security audit

Security audits (DevSecOps)

Enhance your security posture to timely identify and address potential vulnerabilities.

devops consulting

DevOps consulting and transformation

Adopt efficient DevOps practices to improve your business’s agility.

continuous integration

Continuous integration and continuous delivery implementation

Speed up the launch of new features and updates.

migration to cloud

Migration to cloud

Migrate from on-premises data storage or between clouds to maximize business efficiency.

Enjoy the benefits of cloud management outsourcing

An effective cloud infrastructure management strategy is a must for every business that runs and maintains applications in the cloud. With our cloud infrastructure management services combined with IaC tools, you can save resources and maintain a high security posture.

Apriorit can help you eliminate the majority of cybersecurity risks by putting in place necessary data protection measures and performing regular security audits.

By delegating management of cloud infrastructure and services to us, your organization will benefit from:


Scalability and flexibility

Scale your computing recourсes on demand to efficiently respond to shifts in the workload, market conditions, and customer demand.

extra security

Extra security

Get one centralized platform for managing and monitoring your cloud infrastructure to boost your security posture.


Improved focus

Shift your attention and the efforts of your internal teams to core business activities.

saving resources

Saving resources

Save time and money spent on infrastructure maintenance and process optimization.

data loss prevention

Data loss prevention

Reduce the risks of data breaches with data backup and disaster recovery options for your business.

storage capacity

Increased storage capacity

Scale your storage space as you need with effective cloud infrastructure management.

high performance

Higher performance

Enjoy low latency, improved computing resources, and high-speed network connections.

Key technologies and tools

Apriorit specialists are constantly improving their expertise in cloud infrastructure management and services. We leverage cutting-edge tools and technologies to automate orchestration, streamline infrastructure management, and implement robust security measures.

infrastructure management

Infrastructure management and orchestration

security and authentication

Security and authentication

service discovery

Service discovery


and CI/CD

web servers

Web servers


Our certificates:

aws certificate
aws certificate
microsoft certificate

Industries we work with

Apriorit experts know how to perform cloud technology management services on AWS, GCP, Azure, and other platforms to industry-specific and business-specific needs. You can find more industries that we work with here.

Don’t see your industry on the list? Contact us so we can find the best cloud infrastructure management approach for your business!

Our recent projects

  • Remote access solutions
  • Iaas and SaaS solutions
  • Distributed software-defined perimeter (SDP) systems
  • Email protection services
  • Single sign-on (SSO) systems for hybrid environments
  • Disaster recovery as a service
  • Data loss prevention (DLP) as a service
  • Zero Trust Network Access

Why work with us?

When hiring Apriorit for cloud and systems management services, here is what you can expect from our partnership:

business goals

Focus on your business goals


Best-fitting technologies for your project


Strengthened cybersecurity

transparent workflow

Transparent workflow and timely service delivery

Our clients’ success stories

What our clients say about us


How to effectively manage cloud infrastructure?

To effectively manage your cloud infrastructure, you need to monitor the use of cloud resources, optimize all cloud infrastructure components, and audit the security of your cloud data. You can try doing it yourself if you are familiar with cloud infrastructure management tools or have in-house experts. Yet to improve efficiency, consider delegating management of your cloud resources and infrastructure to Apriorit’s expert team.

How to choose the right cloud service provider (CSP)?

Your chosen CSP should have a great reputation for cloud infrastructure security, offer affordable services that are relevant to your business needs, and provide scalability options. In some cases, you might benefit from working with multiple CSPs. Apriorit specialists can help you analyze available CSP options and choose a CSP that fits your business needs.

What are the benefits of cloud infrastructure management services?

There are many advantages of cloud management services, including improved scalability and flexibility, time and money savings on infrastructure maintenance, and the ability to shift your focus to core business activities. By delegating your cloud infrastructure management to Apriorit, you can enjoy even more benefits as we deliver best-fitting technologies for your project so you and your team can focus on your business goals.

Who is responsible for managing cloud infrastructure?

In most cases, the cloud service provider is responsible for managing the underlying cloud-based infrastructure. At the same time, customers are responsible for managing applications running in and data stored in the cloud. With our cloud infrastructure management services, we can share the responsibility for designing, managing, monitoring, and maintaining your infrastructure according to a service-level agreement.

How can outsourcing cloud infrastructure management services reduce costs?

Self-managing your own cloud infrastructure can be both challenging and expensive, as your team has to spend a lot of resources even when using dedicated cloud management platforms. By outsourcing cloud infrastructure management, you can reduce your cloud expenses by optimizing resource allocation and automating some of your business processes. Also, your team will have the freedom to work on more critical tasks.

How do cloud infrastructure management services improve security?

<p>When building cloud infrastructure from scratch, it can be challenging to maintain adequate data protection at all times. We can help you design an infrastructure with data security in mind, implementing data loss prevention strategies and identity and access management features.</p>

<p>If you already have infrastructure in place, our team can perform a security audit and assist you in addressing existing security issues, improving your cloud infrastructure to enable a timely response to security threats, and providing support in the future.</p>

Can cloud infrastructure be customized to meet specific organizational needs?

<p>Yes. We can customize your existing cloud infrastructure to meet the specific needs of your business! The Apriorit team can assist you in boosting the possibilities of your chosen platform, enhancing your cloud infrastructure even further.</p>

<p>We can also build new cloud infrastructure from scratch that takes into account all your needs, including for reducing costs, optimizing performance, and maintaining security standards. Contact us to learn more!</p>

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