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Since its foundation in 2002, Apriorit worked with hundreds of clients based in US, UK, Germany, South Korea, Israel, and other countries, from small startups to Fortune 500 industry leaders.

We aim to retain our clients and are very proud that most of them choose to keep using our services. Many clients consider us an extension of their in-house team, rather than an external vendor. Some of them transferred all their development efforts to Apriorit.

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Rather than tooting our own horn, we believe that it is best to let our clients themselves speak about their experience. Most our clients are using non-disclosure agreements to protect themselves for competitive reasons (example). We strictly adhere to all security, confidentiality and IP guarantees, which sadly means that we have to redact company names from this page.

Vishakh, CTO at Cryptonomic

The project was successful, helping increase customer confidence in the system’s security. For a cost-effective fee, Apriorit worked efficiently and delivered excellent results. The communication was essential; they only asked things that really mattered and they seemed to know their way around computer security. Read more on Clutch.co »

CTO at Cryptonomic

Apriorit provides great talent to us and quickly understands our needs. They show a clear aptitude for quickly grasping requirements, learning new skills, and engaging in close collaboration. Their willingness to go above and beyond makes for a successful partnership. Read more on Clutch.co »

Andreas Bayer,
CTO at Beam Solutions

Apriorit’s test builds were valuable tools for demonstration purposes, and their resources helped to speed up the development cycle and decrease the time to market. The team managed the project perfectly and impressed with their expertise in driver technology and cross-platform development. Read more on Clutch.co »

Jianpeng Mo,
Senior Director of Software Engineering, OPSWAT

Apriorit efficiently delivered an exceptional platform that achieved a 90% precision rate and a 97% recall rate. By investing time to understand the project’s goals, the team provided accurate time and cost estimates. They met challenges with effective solutions to secure a successful partnership. Read more on Clutch.co »

John Schnorr,
Founder at Cycle Clarity

Apriorit provided enhancements to our web CRM. It was a 13-year-old application, so it was completely refactored. We also set up a full research and development team that was responsible for creating new features. Apriorit offered a business analyst, project managers, developers, and a quality assurance team housed within one area. They were responsible for code quality and deployment schedules. Apriorit provided us a turnkey and cost-effective solution. They met all of their objectives and worked efficiently, with fewer errors than our domestic engineers. Read more on Clutch.co »

Former President,

I’m very satisfied with Apriorit’s performance. Throughout our engagement, their team has completed 15–16 deliverables. After each delivery, we’ve done the QA in-house, and we’ve rarely found any issue. Given that they’re building a very complex product, I’ve always expected more bugs and issues, but they’ve always delivered a very clean product. Whenever I receive anything from Apriorit, I’m confident that it is going to work fine; that’s the best evidence I can share about the impact of their work. Read more on Clutch.co »

Morteza Sahebkar,
CTO at HomeWAV

We’re developing an internet content and filter for parental control software where the customer installs a piece of software on their computer or mobile device. It can then be controlled and monitored from different online portals. The system was built for Windows, and we needed it to be adapted to Android and iOS. […]
The team at Apriorit doesn’t take no for an answer. They will find a way to fulfill any client’s business needs. It’s something we’ve struggled to find with other companies we previously worked with in this area. Read more on Clutch.co »

Head of Project Development,
Parental Control SaaS Provider

Apriorit successfully built the required solution, allowing the client to launch their business. They cultivated a productive collaboration through constant availability and an organized approach. Considering the product’s complexity, their project management was impressive. Read more on Clutch.co »

Urho Konttori,
CTO at Varjo

They delivered the project on time and on budget and met all of the requirements we requested. We were very impressed with the quality of their work, customer service, and responsiveness — they were able to make changes to the iteration quickly based on our feedback. Read more on Clutch.co »

Larry King,
VP of Products at Strivacity

How did Apriorit perform from a project management standpoint?

They never say no and have always been flexible and professional. Their project managers have taken away many of the headaches associated with software development and I’ve learned to trust that, if I require something from them, I will receive a reply and it will be done. Read more on Clutch.co »

Eyal Dotan,
CEO at Borta

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