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Since its foundation in 2002, Apriorit worked with hundreds of clients based in US, UK, Germany, South Korea, Israel, and other countries, from small startups to Fortune 500 industry leaders.

We aim to retain our clients and are very proud that most of them choose to keep using our services. Many clients consider us an extension of their in-house team, rather than an external vendor. Some of them transferred all their development efforts to Apriorit.

What makes our clients stay with us

Unique expertise

Unique expertise

Multi-skilled team

Multi-skilled team

Client centric

Client centric

Guaranteed quality

Guaranteed quality

What our clients say about us

Rather than tooting our own horn, we believe that it is best to let our clients themselves speak about their experience. Most our clients are using non-disclosure agreements to protect themselves for competitive reasons (example). We strictly adhere to all security, confidentiality and IP guarantees, which sadly means that we have to redact company names from this page.

Also read: Apriorit Software/R&D Outsourcing Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Sample

Apriorit helped us to build the tool primarily using TensorFlow. They then used a variety of technologies to annotate, allowing us to show AI what was normal and abnormal. Apriorit efficiently delivered an exceptional platform that achieved a 90% precision rate and a 97% recall rate. By investing time to understand the project’s goals, the team provided accurate time and cost estimates. They met challenges with effective solutions to secure a successful partnership. We’re happy with them. Apriorit did an amazing job. Read more »

The project was successful, helping increase customer confidence in the system’s security. For a cost-effective fee, Apriorit worked efficiently and delivered excellent results. The communication was essential; they only asked things that really mattered and they seemed to know their way around computer security. Read more »

Apriorit provides great talent to us and quickly understands our needs. They show a clear aptitude for quickly grasping requirements, learning new skills, and engaging in close collaboration. Their willingness to go above and beyond makes for a successful partnership. Read more »

The development work delivered by Apriorit successfully connected the products chosen by their client in ways that maximized compatibility while minimizing risk from external softwares. Their team was incredibly organized, handling project management themselves and coming prepared to all meetings. Read more »

The project was a success, with the product having all of the necessary functionalities and being delivered on time. Apriorit was a capable partner with deep expertise that showed through their work. Customers can expect a satisfying experience with clear communication. They’re very good at what they do. Read more »

Apriorit has maintained a long-term engagement by delivering high-quality code and continuously improving their processes. They make their work comprehensible to internal stakeholders who don’t have software engineering expertise. Their project managers are knowledgeable and communicate seamlessly. Read more »

Apriorit has contributed high-level technical acumen and insight to transform a web- and mobile-based remote desktop product into a complete solution for PAM with sophisticated security features. The team managed the project seamlessly and delivered fully tested, flawless deliverables. Read more »

Drawing from high-level technical knowledge and expertise, Apriorit went beyond simply fulfilling the requirements to improve the end product from a UX standpoint. They demonstrated a keen understanding of the underlying business challenge. The team is proactive, reliable, and skilled. Read more »

Apriorit’s impressive coding expertise fortified the abilities of the in-house developers. Since kernel level development is much harder to test than user-facing code, their QA process was especially impressive. They fully satisfied the client’s high expectations via prompt, high caliber delivery. Read more »

Apriorit helped us to build Custom Driver Development for Data Recovery System. The team couples excellent programming skill with professional conduct and rapid communication.

The key metric for success was that we were simply unable to complete this project without Apriorit. They helped us build the entire product. Read more »

They’re professional. We have sprints, sometimes weekly, and standup meetings every day. Their interest in asking more questions to discover specifics about the product’s performance has been a nice surprise. Apriorit resolves issues within 24 hours. Read more »

Their driver-level technology background is impressive. The testing builds they gave us were useful for demonstrating the agreed-upon features and what we would be able to do in the future. We leveraged their resources to increase our internal development cycle and shorten the time to market. Read more »

They’re really professional. Project management is one of their strengths. They’re very strong in development of kernel drivers and other Windows-related things that Microsoft never publishers documentation on. They’re phenomenal in this area.” Read more »

They deliver on time, they’re responsive, and I’m happy with their work. The code quality and dev work are decent, and if there are issues, they adapt accordingly. They provide full visibility to their progress and offer a post-delivery warranty to fix issues found afterward. Read more »

Our main goal was to create a solution for malware protection. They deliver both the finished product as well as a comprehensive spreadsheet that describes the quality and stability tests of their end product release. Apriorit is far better than everybody else. Read more »

They don’t just do what you ask; they research the problem and your proposed solution. If they find a better idea, they’ll tell you, and that adds a lot of benefit to their work. Apriorit has a deep knowledge of the Windows environment and driver development. Read more »

I consider them to be a part of our team. They never say no and have always been flexible and professional. I’ve stuck with Apriorit for 4 years.

Their QA people are excellent; I can give them any mission and they will figure out how to do it. Read more »

I appreciated Apriorit’s ability to understand requirements. We built a very complex CRM, which was actually a combination of an ERP, POS, and CRM. It had a highly coupled stack. Apriorit’s ability to understand a 13-year-old legacy application, and maintaining and enhancing it, was completely superior. Read more »

We build software which competes with Citrix and VMware, utilizing remote desktop protocols. Apriorit developers are highly skilled not only in terms of app or database builders but across numerous technologies.

Apriorit is very good at creating low-level protocols for security, being able to work at OS level. Read more »

We have been working with Apriorit for three years. We have developed an ERP, data-driven, SaaS solution.

Apriorit makes sure that the cycle is consistent and well laid out. This has been the biggest difference between them and other companies. Read more »

Some projects require very specific knowledge. Our collaboration with Apriorit, with their expertise in low-level system programming, is invaluable to us today. Projects requiring this kind of expertise are always redirected to this company. Read more »

Ultimately our decision for a continued relationship with this company was based on several key factors: customer centric, diligent professionals, acceptable time zone shift, excellent internet connection.

We do not consider the Apriorit team as an outside vendor but an extension of our development team. Read more »

What is distinct about Apriorit’s practice is the level of very highly skilled developers, not only in terms of app or database builders but across numerous technologies.

Apriorit is very good at creating low-level protocols for security, being able to work at OS level. Read more »

When it comes to the performance requirements of the latest video formats, it is nearly impossible to find developers who are good at this high a level of writing code. Apriorit has a team of amazingly skilled experts – which is a very, very rare species! Read more »

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