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Build a web app that grows with your enterprise ecosystem

Modern enterprise software systems have high requirements for connectivity, scalability, and security. Node.js can help you meet them without sacrificing your time to market.  

Apriorit is an experienced Node.js web development company. We deliver scalable enterprise-level web applications within tight timelines, ensuring both speed and quality. Leveraging our expertise, you can achieve your software goals, whether you’re building a complex IoT ecosystem or a microservice-based cloud app.

At Apriorit, we know how to make the most of Node.js capabilities. Leverage our 20+ years of development experience to boost your business with a competitive web solution.

Node.js development services we offer

Apriorit’s custom Node.js development services will allow you to unlock the full potential of this powerful technology, solving a myriad of challenging tasks:

Performance optimization

Microservice app development

Cloud migration

Custom application development

API development and integration

Node.js backend development

App migration to Node.js

Types of Node.js solutions we deliver

Internet of Things ecosystems

Microservice apps


Desktop apps

CRM systems

SaaS products

Cybersecurity apps

Server side of mobile apps

Cloud solutions

Blockchain solutions

AI- and ML-based solutions

Web applications

Have an idea in mind? Contact us to discuss its specifics and discover how we can turn it into a real product.

Why choose Node.js?

Node.js can become a solid foundation for your IT solution. With Node.js, you can build anything from a web app to a large enterprise ecosystem that will run on various operating systems.

Using this framework, you get a solid yet flexible platform for building future-proof solutions. Node.js-based software is easy to scale and integrate with existing systems or third-party services.

Key Node.js benefits for your business

Fast app development

High compatibility with cloud infrastructure

High software performance and reliability

Platform portability

Integration with a multitude of third-party services

Effortless solution scalability

Key technologies

Apriorit developers have extensive experience and proficiency working with a diverse range of tools within the Node.js ecosystem. We’ll choose the most suitable toolset for your project.

Our Node.js tech stack

Native frameworks

Third-party frameworks

Build tools

Cloud services

Testing frameworks


Node.js frameworks and libraries

  • Express.js
  • Koa.js
  • Fastify
  • Nest.js
  • Next.js
  • Nuxt.js
nuxtjs logo
Nextjs logo

Why choose Apriorit?

Clients choose us for our unmatched expertise and stay for our business-centric approach. Working with our Node.js app development company, you can be sure that each line of our high-quality code aligns with your business goals. With Apriorit, you get seamless results that exceed your expectations.

Focus on your business goals

Transparent workflow and communication

Compliance with budget and time estimates

Impeccable code quality and security

Our clients’ success stories

What our clients say about us


How should I select a Node.js development company?

Here are some factors that you should consider when planning to hire a Node.js development company: 
<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>Years on the market</li>
<li>Team size</li>
<li>Software development approaches and methodologies </li>
<li>Process and communication </li>
<li>Verified reviews on Clutch </li>
<li>Portfolio and experience in your domain</li>
<p>With more than 20 years on the market, Apriorit delivers Node.js development services of unmatched quality. Our open communication, ability to exceed clients’ expectations, and strong focus on business goals make Apriorit’s Node.js solutions not only scalable and reliable but also profitable for your business.</p>

Why should I choose Node.js over other technologies?

<p>Node.js is a powerful platform. Its event-driven architecture and efficient I/O model open endless possibilities for creating scalable and real-time solutions.</p>

<p>One of the key advantages of Node.js is its efficiency and lightweight nature. Additionally, Node.js benefits from a vast ecosystem of libraries and tools that allow developers to build robust backend systems.</p>

<p>By taking advantage of our Node.js app development services, you can create innovative and responsive applications that meet modern business demands.</p>

Does Node.js support product scalability?

<p>Yes, Node.js is great for scaling your product at any stage of its lifecycle due to multithreading and an asynchronous architecture. Node.js can handle a large number of concurrent connections, making it ideal for building real-time applications such as chat apps, e-commerce apps, or social networks.</p>

<p>Rather than a solid core, Node.js uses a set of modules and microservices for building features. Therefore, you can expand your app’s functionality by simply adding modules. In terms of performance and load, Node.js allows you to scale both vertically (by adding new nodes to the system) and horizontally (by adding resources to existing nodes).</p>

<p>Apriorit’s Node.js development team knows exactly how to provide top scalability of your Node.js-based solutions.</p>

Is Node.js secure?

<p>Yes, Node.js is a secure platform. However, the Node Package Manager combines many third-party packages, most of which are open-source. Some of them can be flawed and harm the security of your Node.js ecosystem if they are not evaluated and implemented properly.</p>

<p>Apriorit is a Node.js application development company with over 20 years of cybersecurity experience. <a href=/our-expertise/web-app-development>Our skilled developers</a> will help you to avoid any potential security risks associated with Node.js and leverage all the advantages of this technology.</p>

What are the best use cases for Node.js?

You can use Node.js technology for a variety of applications like:
<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>CRM systems </li>
<li>Desktop applications</li>
<li>Server-side proxy applications</li>
<li>Internet of Things solutions</li>
<li>Real-Time chats</li>
<li>Complex Single-page applications</li>
<li>Real-time collaboration tools</li>
<li>Streaming apps</li>
<li>Microservices-based apps</li>
<li>Real-time data tracking dashboards</li>
<p>If your application involves heavy computation, CPU-intensive tasks, or intense data processing, consider using a different technology such as <a href=/our-expertise/python-development-services>Python</a> or Java.</p>

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