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Reach your users across all mobile devices

From market research to post-release software maintenance, you can leverage our 20+ years of experience in custom mobile application development. Apriorit engineers and quality assurance specialists will build a competitive, well-protected, and user-friendly product tailored to your business needs. We also offer dedicated and well-balanced teams for full-cycle development, gathered with your specific needs in mind and ready to help you kickstart your project in no time.

By delegating mobile app development to Apriorit professionals, you get a product that:

  • Engages users across all mobile devices and operating systems
  • Provides a flawless user experience thanks to timely updates
  • Drives conversions, turning leads into customers
  • Protects user data by adhering to strong cybersecurity measures

Mobile app development services from Apriorit

For decades, Apriorit has helped small businesses and large enterprises build niche-oriented, competitive solutions with ultimate quality, security, and performance. Here are the core web development services we can provide for your business:

Native iOS and Android app development

Deliver a secure, reliable, and customizable app that’s native to the platform for fast and seamless performance.

Cross-platform app development

Speed up app delivery, reach a wider target audience, and offer a consistent user experience.

Mobile app backend development

Empower your app with a professionally built back end. Ensure proper performance and future scalability.

PoC and MVP development

Kickstart your project by  testing your idea. Get an MVP and PoC built with your expectations and business needs in mind.

UI/UX design

Make your customers love your mobile apps on every platform. Adapt your interfaces to different screen sizes and orientations.

Quality assurance

Receive an app that works flawlessly through thorough testing on a variety of devices and operating systems.

Mobile app testing and security services

Take a security-first approach to your product. Ensure end-to-end protection of sensitive user data and financial operations.

Mobile analytics and app performance optimization

Use gathered data wisely to continuously improve your app. Quickly identify performance bottlenecks and efficiently fix them.

Application maintenance and support

Retain users and customers by keeping your app’s performance smooth and adding helpful features over time.

Want to build an astonishing new app? Or plan to upgrade an existing app with new features? Either way, Apriorit engineers are ready to take care of all technical tasks, freeing your resources to focus on business goals.

Types of mobile solutions we create

Whatever purpose your mobile app serves and whatever industry it caters to, Apriorit has you covered. We already have skilled engineers with relevant expertise on board to take full care of your project or enhance your in-house team. Below are just a few examples of types of projects our experts have successfully delivered in line with clients’ expectations:

Sharing economy solutions

Implement IoT systems for building goods and service sharing solutions, like scooter sharing or powerbank rental systems, with integrated payment features.

Mobile device management solutions

Benefit with protected and thoroughly designed enterprise MDM and MAM solutions for securely managing tablets and smartphones.

Mobile traffic filtering applications

Help your customers limit and block access to suspicious and restricted content by offering reliable internet traffic filtering solutions, such as parental control apps.

Wellness and fitness apps

Improve the customer experience with engaging fitness apps for managing gym memberships, selling wellness products, and providing online fitness classes. 

Food delivery apps

Stand out among other food delivery projects. Receive a beautiful and bug-free mobile application designed with customer needs and market and competitor research in mind.

Logistics software

Cover in-state delivery or international logistics needs with your app. You’ll get intuitive personal profiles, top-notch status tracking features, and built-in data security mechanisms.

Healthcare and pharmacy solutions

Meet your customers’ needs with secure and easy-to-use telemedicine apps for online consultations and product ordering, navigating customers to the closest pharmacies.

Ecommerce and retail apps

Help your users easily purchase goods and services from their smartphone. Or ensure convenient scan-and-go technology for your retail app.

Finance and banking software

Get highly protected and strictly regulated mobile banking apps, online investment software, and DApps for stress-free international payments.

Control apps for embedded solutions

Enhance your embedded system products, like drone battery charging and data management units, with efficient iOS and Android apps.

Scheduling and organization applications

Allow your users to conveniently plan their business and personal activities with adventure booking apps or products for scheduling and organizing events.

Don’t see the type of functionality you’re looking for on the list?
Tell us about your mobile development needs and we’ll help you bring your idea to life.

Key technologies we use

Entrust your choice of technology stack to Apriorit’s experienced mobile developers. We’ll make sure that your product can scale to accommodate future growth, meet performance requirements, and fit the agreed budget.

Native iOS app development

Native Android app development

Cross-platform frameworks

Back end

Cloud services


  • Objective-C
  • Xcode
  • Swift
  • iOS SDK
  • C++

Level up your mobile app development with advanced technologies

If your mobile app development project requires extra data protection, next-level features, or other specific enhancements, Apriorit engineers will help you efficiently implement the following technologies:

Internet of Things

Benefit from having your app collect data from connected devices. Allow your users to manage a home or office powered by connected devices from a single interface.

Artificial intelligence

Leverage machine and deep learning algorithms and models to power your app. Automate operations, gain insights from gathered data, and continuously improve existing features.


Enhance data security and transparency with everything the blockchain has to offer. You can apply this technology to verify user identities, prevent data breaches, and automate operations with smart contracts.

Cloud computing

Improve your solution’s  flexibility, scalability, and connectivity without the need for extensive infrastructure. Move your product to the cloud to reduce the time and cost of mobile app development and deployment.

Ready to step up your mobile app development game?
Reach out and start leveraging our experts’ skills to enhance your project.

Why choose Apriorit?

Apriorit clients value our strong focus on data security, dedication to quality, and creative approach to non-trivial tasks.

Mature development process and transparent workflow

Access to a wide talent pool, unique expertise, and rare skills

Assistance in selecting a business-oriented technology stack

Convenient pricing models

Our clients’ success stories

What our clients say about us


How can you ensure enterprise mobile application security?

To establish up-to-date data security in our clients’ products, Apriorit mobile app developers:
<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>Use proven cybersecurity practices and follow guidelines</li>
<li>Continuously upgrade and share our security skills and knowledge</li>
<li>Carefully choose the tech stack, especially if some tools are open-source</li>
<li>Conduct thorough security audits and <a href=/rd-services/security-testing>security testing</a> activities</li>
<li>Perform <a href=/rd-services/penetration-testing-services>penetration testing</a> activities if necessary/requested</li>

What is the typical structure of an app development team?

Mobile app development teams are different for each project. When providing custom mobile app development services, we gather specialists depending on your requirements and project specifics. Along with iOS, Android, or Flutter developers, we usually include UI/UX designers, backend developers, and QA engineers in the team. For some projects, our clients also request Apriroit project managers and business analysts.

How can I make my mobile app compatible with different devices?

To help you ensure the compatibility of your custom mobile application with various platforms and devices, Apriorit engineers can apply different strategies and tools. We start with choosing the right development approach for your project: native, hybrid, or cross-platform. To make your custom mobile app solutions seamlessly adapt to different screen resolutions, we thoroughly test each product to identify and fix potential compatibility issues. Last but not least, we ensure regular product updates and maintenance, as platforms evolve and new devices enter the market.

Should I choose a native or cross-platform app?

The answer depends on your business goals and the project’s complexity. Each approach offers its own benefits to the mobile application development process. For example, native apps show better performance and offer access to platform-specific features. Meanwhile, cross-platform applications are cost-efficient and quick to develop, while still providing decent efficiency. Once we receive the details of your project, Apriorit experts will help you choose the most fitting approach, explaining the reasons behind our recommendation.

How can I achieve solid app scalability?

At Apriorit — a custom mobile app development company with 20+ years of experience — we start thinking of an app’s scalability opportunities at the early product stages. Our engineers create a development strategy with scalability in mind, based on your requirements and needs. Common practices our teams use to ensure solid scalability are:
<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>Configuring a content delivery network</li>
<li>Choosing cloud or serverless technologies</li>
<li>Using proven orchestration tools</li>
<li>Maintaining databases</li>
<li>Keeping code clean and bug-free</li>

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