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Expand your product’s abilities with secure and seamless APIs

With APIs, you can expand your product’s functionality through third-party integrations or link multiple services under one interface.

Apriorit is an experienced API developer that offers end-to-end API integration and API development services based on a security-first approach. Our experts can assist you in building your API strategy, choosing the right technologies, and managing and scaling your API ecosystem if necessary — all with your product’s security in mind.

API Development and API Integration Services

At Apriorit, we know how to leverage API capabilities for your benefit. Take advantage of our 20+ years of development experience to:

  • Build new custom APIs
  • Improve existing solutions
  • Assure the quality of your APIs
  • Integrate APIs of any complexity
API Development and API Integration Services

API development and integration services we offer

With the assistance of Apriorit’s experts, you can expand your product’s capabilities with minimal effort from your side.

Custom API design and development

Custom API integration and development allows your business to seamlessly connect systems, control your data flow, implement new features, and even create new revenue streams by offering your APIs to other businesses. 

Get a fully secure, well-documented custom API integration for your desktop, mobile, web, or cloud solution in any domain. We provide full-cycle API development and support at each stage of creating an API for your product, from research and design to performance optimization and troubleshooting.

API design

API design

API development

API development

API management

API management

APIaaS development

APIaaS development

Third-party API integration

Enhance your product by leveraging third-party services that have already done the heavy lifting. By integrating external APIs, you can expand your product’s functionality with ready solutions, access rich data collected by third parties, integrate the latest technologies, and get a competitive advantage in your market. 

With third-party APIs, our Apriorit team can quickly give you access to features like social authentication, geolocation, digital payments, speech recognition, video streaming, IoT device management, notifications, artificial intelligence or machine learning solutions, blockchain platforms, and more. We can also scale your product by connecting it to cloud services through API integration. 

Apriorit supports businesses at each stage of API integration and provides multiple API integration services that make the process smooth and secure. We can also help you integrate legacy and undocumented APIs using advanced research and analysis techniques like reverse engineering.

Automated integration with existing API solutions

Automated integration with existing API solutions

Data migration and synchronization

Data migration and synchronization

Legacy API integration

Legacy API integration

API testing

Ensure the ultimate security and flawless performance of your API with thorough end-to-end testing performed by our professional QA team. With API testing, our team will ensure the reliable and consistent work of all your systems and services as well as protection from potential breaches and data leaks. 

By uncovering performance bottlenecks through API testing, we ensure your customers can use your product without interruption. This allows you to deliver top-notch service and increase user satisfaction and, consequently, your revenue.

Apriorit provides all types of API testing to ensure your product’s security and top performance.

API performance testing

API performance testing

API load testing

API load testing

API security testing

API security testing

API performance optimization and troubleshooting

Like any other software, APIs require ongoing attention. Outdated or underperforming APIs that no longer align with your business goals can stall your growth and eat up your resources.

Apriorit offers API review, updating, and maintenance services to ensure your APIs are optimized, reliable, and cost-efficient.

Apriorit takes a 360-degree approach to API support to ensure each part of your software is updated and serves your business as intended.

API audit

API audit

API maintenance

API maintenance

API optimization

API optimization

Make your APIs bullet-proof

Apriorit brings the best security measures to each API development and integration project to make sure your valuable data, reputation, and operations are reliably protected.

Security measures for API-related services

Authentication and
access control

Ensure the identity of your users and connected products, and protect your APIs from unauthorized access with keys and tokens.


Regulate the rate at which users or systems can access your APIs to minimize the risk of exploitation so they remain responsive and secure.

Data encryption
in transit

Implement encryption to safeguard sensitive information as it travels between systems.

API Gateway

Centralize security controls, monitoring, and API management to fortify your APIs and simplify their administration.


Identify and rectify vulnerabilities specific to your APIs and proactively boost your overall security.

Have a feature idea in mind?

Contact us to discuss its specifics and discover how we can implement it through an API.

Main benefits of developing APIs with Apriorit

Why trust us with API development and integration? We offer 20+ years of experience, unique expertise, a focus on security, and more.

Rapid and cost-effective development Apriorit

Rapid and cost-effective development

We leverage time-proven services and tools to reduce development time and costs, allowing you to bring your solutions to market faster and more cost-effectively.

Enhanced customer experience Apriorit

Enhanced customer experience

By seamlessly connecting your software and services, we enable personalized and efficient interactions, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Industry-specific expertise Apriorit

Industry-specific expertise

When developing APIs, we consider challenges typical for your industry. Apriorit has vast experience developing and integrating APIs for finance, healthcare, logistics, and other sectors.

Effortless functionality implementation Apriorit

Effortless functionality implementation

Our well-designed API integrations allow you to implement new features and functionality into your product. This enables your business to stay ahead of market demands and continuously improve your offerings.

End-to-end automation Apriorit

End-to-end automation

Apriorit facilitates seamless end-to-end automation by integrating APIs that connect your systems, applications, and data sources. This streamlines your processes, reduces manual tasks, and enhances operational efficiency.

Structured API documentation Apriorit

Structured API documentation

Apriorit provides structured and comprehensive API documentation, ensuring that your team and partners can seamlessly understand and work with your APIs. This clarity promotes efficient collaboration, accelerates development, and minimizes errors.

Key technologies we work with

Each tech stack suggestion we make is based on our wide project experience and API development and integration best practices. We ensure your tools are perfectly aligned with your needs and resources.

Our API development and integration tech stack

Top API providers we work with

API protocols and frameworks we work with

Top API providers
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • Dropbox
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Authorize.NET
  • Stripe
  • Fusebill
  • Bandwidth
  • Twilio
  • Lyft
  • HelloSign
  • Quickbooks
  • Microsoft
  • CorrigoPro
  • Lightspeed

Why choose Apriorit as your API development company?

Clients come to us for unparalleled API knowledge but stay for our focus on business needs and security. Our API development experts ensure that each integrated service and solution aligns with your business goals.

Why choose Apriorit as your API development company

Focus on your business goals

Why choose Apriorit as your API development company

Transparent workflow and communication

Why choose Apriorit as your API development company

Compliance with budget and time estimates

Why choose Apriorit as your API development company

Security-first approach and impeccable code quality

Our clients’ success stories

What our clients say about us


How do you scale API performance for a high-load system?

To <a href=/dev-blog/776-cloud-api-scaling>scale API performance for a high-load system</a>, we take a strategic approach:
<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>Optimizing API code and database queries for efficiency</li>
<li>Implementing caching mechanisms to reduce redundant data requests</li>
<li>Load balancing to distribute incoming traffic evenly across multiple servers</li>
<li>Using auto-scaling solutions provided by cloud platforms to dynamically adjust server capacity based on demand</li>
Apriorit offers specialized expertise in API scaling and performance optimization, ensuring your high-load system operates seamlessly and efficiently under the most demanding conditions.

How do you ensure API security?

<p>At Apriorit, we make sure your software’s APIs are secure through a comprehensive approach. First, we conduct security assessments and audits of your internal or external APIs to make sure they can’t be used as entry points for hackers. </p>
<p>During API implementation, we apply <a href=/qa-blog/735-cybersecurity-api-development>API security best practices</a> including data encryption and strong authentication. We thoroughly test your APIs for security and offer comprehensive support that includes regular updates, audits, and scaling.</p>
<p>These activities allow us to identify potential vulnerabilities and keep your data safe throughout the development and integration process. </p>

What types of APIs can you build?

At Apriorit, we specialize in building various types of APIs to meet your specific needs. Our services include:
<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>REST APIs for resource-based operations in web services that communicate using JSON or XML formats</li>
<li>SOAP APIs for complex data exchange between various protocols</li>
<li>GraphQL APIs for a query-based approach that allows you to efficiently access specific data</li>
<li>RPC and gRPC for process-oriented tasks and efficient data transmission</li>
Our diverse API offerings ensure that we can tailor a solution to fit your project’s requirements.

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