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Discover vulnerabilities before hackers do

Protect your business from cyber threats with Apriorit’s expert penetration testing services. Our 20 years of experience in mitigating vulnerabilities allow us to safeguard your mobile, desktop, and web systems and ensure compliance with industry standards

By simulating real-world attack scenarios, we help you identify weak spots that can result in data breaches, downtime, and regulatory fines. Trust Apriorit professionals to pave the road to robust security for every layer of your system so you can keep your operations running smoothly.


Hiring Apriorit penetration testing engineers allows you to:

  • Take the first step towards ensuring top protection of your product
  • Avoid costly downtime
  • Maintain your business’s reputation and integrity

Work with industry-certified professionals

Apriorit is acknowledged by both clients and industry leaders as an expert in penetration testing.


Apriorit certifications


What you get from penetration testing

Get access to the immense benefits penetration testing brings throughout your product’s lifecycle. Leverage pentesting when launching your software, preparing major updates, integrating with third-party products, and checking compliance.


Unbiased security evaluation

See your software through the eyes of experienced cybersecurity experts to uncover weak spots in your product or network.


Сlear path to enhanced security

Get a transparent step-by-step guide to eliminate vulnerabilities, from most to least critical.


Regulatory compliance

Maintain compliance with industry standards and regulations and learn ways to implement necessary measures to protect sensitive information.

What we can audit and test for you

Apriorit leaves no stone unturned, providing you with a full picture of your system’s security. Explore any part of your product or network security posture through penetration testing of:


Web applications


Cloud solutions


External and internal networks


Mobile applications


SaaS platforms


Client-server systems


Smart contracts and blockchain solutions


IoT systems


Wireless networks

Looking for a reliable penetration testing provider? Lean on Apriorit during pivotal moments in your product lifecycle and secure your business’s future.

Types of penetration testing we perform

Trying to adjust out-of-the-box solutions and integrate multiple third-party tools is hard, and there is no guarantee of success. The Apriorit team will build a tailored solution that manages your network exactly the way you expect it to, bringing:


Effectively uncovers insider threats.

With full system knowledge, we conduct DoS attacks, memory forensics, and fuzzing.


Simulates real-world external hacks.

We simulate an external hacker attack with no prior system knowledge using vulnerability scanning, social engineering, and brute forcing.


Efficiently reveals both internal and external vulnerabilities.

We combine white-box and black-box elements with limited system knowledge, offering balanced, efficient testing with a partial review of the system’s code.

Key phases of the penetration testing workflow

Over the years, we’ve built a clear pentesting algorithm that involves these phases:

Standards we follow

Be confident in our advice on your product’s security — we back it up with time-proven and industry-recognized guidelines and standards:

What you get in a penetration testing report

As a result of Apriorit’s penetration testing services, you’ll receive a comprehensive and insightful report that will contain:


Test protocol with detailed descriptions of what we tested and which tools, methods, and approaches we used.


A list of detected security issues categorized by their level of impact so you can prioritize bug fixes and concentrate on the most critical issues first.


Expert recommendations of the fastest and most reliable ways to protect your system from the vulnerabilities we discovered.


Potential attack scenarios that hackers might use to exploit vulnerabilities and analysis of business impact.


Personalized best practices with action points to further increase your system’s security.


Attestation letter to prove your security posture.

Industries we serve

Test your product according to your unique industry needs:

Haven’t found your industry on the list?

 Not an issue — our 20+ years of experience equip us to conduct penetration testing for businesses in any sector.

More we can do for you

Learn more about your product’s inner workings, security, and performance, and take actionable steps to maximize its potential.

Code audit

Discover insights into your product’s code and improve its performance, functionality, and security.

Smart contract audit

Get an independent assessment of your smart contract’s security, functionality, and compliance with industry standards.

Security testing

Identify and address vulnerabilities in your system, ensuring robust protection against potential threats.

UI/UX audit

Evaluate and optimize your UI/UX design to enhance your software’s usability and accessibility, alongside overall user satisfaction.

Why choose Apriorit?

Apriorit is about security, reliability, and open communication, so you can be sure you get in-depth expert feedback about the state of your system and ways to improve it.


Committed team of professionals


Transparent workflow and communication


Focus on your business goals


Measurable and actionable results

Our clients’ success stories

What our clients say about us


What are the key considerations when performing penetration testing?

If conducted by an inexperienced tester or without due attention, penetration testing can do more harm than good. Before conducting pentesting, you need to consider its major drawbacks:

<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>High cost of mistakes, as improper testing can crash servers or expose data</li>
<li><a href=/dev-blog/how-to-manage-constraints-in-software-development-effectively>Time and scope limitations</a> can significantly affect the comprehensiveness of testing</li>

Apriorit efficiently mitigates these issues with extensive experience in penetration testing and cybersecurity, ensuring thorough, unbiased assessments that prioritize meaningful improvements and enhance overall security.

How much does penetration testing cost? Are there any hidden fees?

The cost of penetration testing depends on factors such as:

<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>Testing type (e.g., red teaming, web app testing)</li>
<li>Approach (white-/gray-/black-box)</li>
<li>Targets (applications, user roles)</li>
<li>Team qualifications (number of testers)</li>

These variables can significantly influence the overall cost as the scope and complexity of penetration testing projects differ. At Apriorit, we offer transparent pricing structures tailored to your specific needs.

Can you fix the security flaws you find?

<p>Yes, Apriorit can not only identify security flaws through our extensive pentesting services but can also effectively remediate them. With 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, our expert team possesses the knowledge and skills to address vulnerabilities discovered in the testing process.</p>

From patching software weaknesses to implementing robust security measures, we ensure comprehensive protection for your systems, providing peace of mind and safeguarding against potential cyber threats.

What is the main difference between vulnerability scanning and penetration testing?

<p>Vulnerability scanning identifies known vulnerabilities within a system, providing a snapshot of potential weaknesses. Penetration testing goes further by simulating real-world attacks to exploit vulnerabilities and assess the system’s resilience.</p>

At Apriorit, we excel in both approaches. For your system, we can perform <a href=/rd-services/security-testing>vulnerability scanning</a> to identify weaknesses and penetration testing to evaluate system defenses. As a result, you’ll get a full picture of your security posture.

How often should I perform penetration testing?

<p>The recommended frequency of penetration testing varies based on the industry, regulations, system changes, and the threat landscape. For example, at Apriorit, we offer testing when you need to comply with regulatory requirements, roll out significant updates, or experience security incidents. We can also conduct annual testing for ongoing security monitoring.</p> 

If your software product is in a high-risk industry like finance, healthcare, or government, you can perform penetration testing more frequently to ensure ongoing risk mitigation.

How do you define the scope and goals of a pentesting project?

<p>Defining the scope and goals of a pentesting project involves three steps:</p>
<li>Identifying primary business risks and crucial data.</li>
<li>Analyzing the system architecture and prioritizing components for pentesting.</li>
<li>Prioritizing pentesting tasks based on risks, known weaknesses, and your specific goals.</li>

At Apriorit, we work closely with you to flesh out the scope of testing and target specific components that require the most attention.

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