Apriorit Inc. respects your privacy so you can browse most of our site content without revealing any personal information.

Sometimes we ask you to provide us with the personal and/or contact details: in contact form, RFP form, vacancy details request. These data are used only to establish contact with you and clarify details of your request, so that the authorized specialist can provide you with the efficient and quick assistance.

When you send us the Request for Proposal (RFP) it is supposed that you provide us with some general description of your project. We are stick to the business ethics and do not use or share this information with any third parties. But if you want to get the formal legal protection for your idea, we recommend you to provide us with the brief description and ask for Non-Disclosure Agreement signing before revealing sensitive details. Signing NDA is a common practice for us; you can find the sample of this document at our website.

All personal information granted to Apriorit is protected by the corporate security system as it is considered to be the sensitive confidential information.

Authorized specialists of Apriorit can use the provided email address and name to hold communication session with you and/or inform you about the new offers and actions of the company. If you choose not to receive such emails, we will remove your address from the corresponding database.

The information and the contact details provided will not be shared, rented, sold, or passed to any third party in any way.