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Enhance your software with DevOps

DevOps is the new black among modern approaches to software development. Adopting this approach helps IT companies enrich standard development routines with agility, flexibility, and a high degree of customization.

DevOps brings together processes that used to exist separately: business analysis, research, development, quality assurance (QA), and security engineering.

Automation is another cornerstone of DevOps. Saving time on mundane manual activities, you can work on what really matters.

Ensure stable and high-quality delivery processes

by creating continuous and automated pipelines

Develop high-load and high-performance solutions

due to continuous testing at all SDLC stages

Implement user-demanded scalability

thanks to flexible cloud-based scalability configurations

Deliver a resilient product

by using cutting-edge technologies and rolling out continuous releases

As a DevOps service provider, we leverage this approach to configure flexible and scalable development environments, automate software deployment, secure sensitive data, and monitor system performance.

What we can do for you

Continuous development

Organize your development efforts into a streamlined and continuous process with a single end goal.

Continuous testing

Improve the quality of your product by starting QA activities early in the development cycle and automating them.

Continuous delivery

Ensure steady improvements of your product thanks to frequent delivery of new code to pre-production and production environments.

Continuous integration (CI)

Create a single command center for your development process with 100% visibility and real-time feedback on issues.

Continuous deployment (CD)

Maintain high consistency of product code across various environments with DevOps deployment services.

Continuous monitoring

Detect and analyze any event occurring with your code, infrastructure, and environment in real time.

Infrastructure management

Automate environment provisioning, scaling, and capacity monitoring to ensure smooth product performance.

Release management

Streamline each product release with automation, process orchestration, and scheduled release activities.

Infrastructure as code

Describe product infrastructure as code to optimize and automate the deployment process.

DevOps tasks we successfully handle

  • Engineering DevOps environments for development, testing, pre-production, and production
  • Infrastructure management, monitoring, performance, and cost optimization
  • Building automation and monitoring processes
  • Simplifying infrastructure configurations with Ansible
  • Deploying infrastructure in the cloud and on bare-metal servers
  • Migrating on-premise services to AWSAzure, and Google Cloud
  • Migrating cloud-based products between cloud service providers and between regions within one cloud
  • Searching for vulnerabilities and conducting penetration testing for cloud-based services
  • Protecting data with system backups, replication, encryption, and secrets management

Which industries adopt DevOps most often?

Finance and insurance


Media & Entertainment




To estimate the financial viability of DevOps for your project, Apriorit experts can calculate the cost of its adoption and forecast the benefits you’ll get from it. With solid numbers in hand, it will be easy for you to decide if DevOps is worth your investment.

Get the full cycle of DevOps services

Apriorit will provide you with a full cycle of DevOps services and adjust them to the needs of your project.

In your brand-new projects, we implement DevOps mechanisms when creating a development plan and calculating the project budget. If you want to enhance an existing project, we can help you harmonize DevOps and development services, build an efficient pipeline, and automate various operations.

Our DevOps engineers work with the most progressive tools to be able to pick those that fit your project best.

Key technologies and tools

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Put security in the spotlight

At Apriorit, we pay special attention to assessing and mitigating security risks at the beginning of each project. This is especially true in DevOps projects, where if you’re not careful, it’s easy to introduce new security vulnerabilities when implementing DevOps mechanisms. As a DevOps company, we use our experience to pick the tools and protection mechanisms that will ensure the safety of your project.


Penetration testing

Enhanced cloud computing security

Security as code

What is it?

DevSecOps implements continuous and automated security mechanisms throughout the whole development cycle.

How can it help your project?

  • Detect and fix cybersecurity issues early
  • Reduce the cost of fixing security bugs
  • Eliminate security vulnerabilities at early stages of the development cycle
  • Improve the security of each product release

When to consider adopting DevOps

DevOps practices are especially helpful for products and services that:

  • Are at the start of development
  • Have a lot of active users
  • Require frequent updates
  • Have little outdated code
  • Collect, store, and process sensitive data
  • Require cloud solution migration and development

For software development services, DevOps can speed up software delivery, reduce development and maintenance costs, and ensure the absolute security of user data.

Why work with us?

At Apriorit, we keep a close eye on trends, new approaches, and DevOps best practices to provide our customers with high-quality services. You can leverage our expertise while also getting:

Clear and effective project communications

Unbiased business analysis and project management

The choice of an outsourcing pricing model suitable for your project

Cutting-edge technologies for DevOps, automation, and cloud computing

A bug-free and secure final product

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