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C++ is in our blood

C and C++ are the core technologies we use at Apriorit. We have over a decade of experience developing complex software solutions in C and C++ across a variety of spheres but with a focus on cybersecurity, virtualization, and data management.

Our comprehensive background in these spheres allows us to set quality standards. We’ve developed formalized internal coding standards, guidelines, and review processes that ensure the high performance and reliability of our software.

Apriorit Coding Standards and Guidelines


Apriorit has been providing C and C++ software development services for more than 20 years. Having written our most challenging projects in C++, we’ve collected a significant codebase and a catalog of system programming technologies. In addition, we constantly share knowledge and experience between our teams.

This depth of knowledge and experience allows us to develop applications that are perfectly suited to your business requirements.

  • Driver development
  • File system management
  • Operating system monitoring and management
  • Database interactions
  • Network management
  • Internet of Things
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial intelligence


C++ development is ideal for system-level Windows applications. Using C++, our team can do anything from developing UIs to creating machine learning algorithms. We have practical experience implementing projects of many types:

  • Security monitoring
  • Data protection and management
  • Embedded software
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Blockchain-based solutions

We also use С++ as our main tool for kernel-mode drivers. Our focused development and testing teams deliver drivers for real and virtual devices, file system filtering, operating system monitoring, and more.

The Apriorit team is proficient with C and C# too. Developing in C is great for low-level and embedded software. Deep knowledge of C# allows us to make the most of the .NET platform. We mainly apply C# to GUI development and solutions for distributed environments.


We use C and C++ to develop low-level and embedded software for Linux/UNIX environments. Our Linux development specializations are:

  • Virtualization and cloud computing
  • Cybersecurity (including in-depth monitoring systems, data protection, system management, and data exchange technologies)
  • Internet of Things implementation


We have separate teams developing in Objective-C for iOS and macOS. Our specialists are skilled both at high- and low-level development for macOS. We’ve completed many types of projects using Obj-C:

  • Driver development
  • System monitoring
  • Data protection
  • GUI implementation
  • Cross-platform data exchange


In addition to being an expert С++ development company, Apriorit has vast experience managing projects. Our expertise in custom C++ software development‌‌ allows us to form a unique agile-based delivery process with proper risk management.

We assign a project manager to each project to provide constant and clear communication. Having worked with more than 400 clients, we know how to estimate, research, and plan any project with pinpoint precision. We measure our teams’ progress with EVA and other project metrics, including several custom metrics we’ve developed for specific types of work such as research and continuous quality assurance.

This makes our internal processes transparent and saves time and resources for our clients.


The system was successful in hundreds of applications. Apriorit was effective in translating requirements and challenges, while a holistic approach to development ensured accuracy. Timely delivery, transparent progress reports, and knowledge around more-obscure Windows subjects proved advantageous. Read more »


CEO, Cyber Security Startup

(Extract from the independent review on Clutch.co)

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