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Kernel-level solutions bridge the gap between existing systems and innovations. With quality kernel components and drivers, you can:

  • introduce new features and capabilities
  • enable support for new peripherals
  • address cybersecurity challenges
  • boost system performance
  • and more

Apriorit offers robust driver development services and delivers secure and reliable kernel and driver solutions for all kinds of systems and devices. Delegate your low-level macOS, Linux, and Windows driver development tasks to our experts or augment your in-house team with rare talent.

Operating systems we work with
Windows Linux macOS
Types of device drivers we build
Peripheral device drivers Virtual device drivers Custom device drivers
Low-level tasks we solve
Changing system behavior System service development Bootloader and kernel porting
Kernel module development Kernel mode hooks Kernel testing and analysis


The kernel is the heart of a system. Any low-level mistake may:

  • compromise system performance and security
  • create uncatchable bugs
  • cause severe system errors

That’s why it’s important to entrust the creation of your kernel solutions to true experts.

With nearly two decades of experience in the field, Apriorit’s macOS, Linux, and Windows driver developers have successfully delivered several hundred low-level development projects. Our experts efficiently solve kernel and driver development tasks of any complexity, from customizing bootloaders to building drivers for peripheral devices.

  • Changing operating system behavior, from hiding processes to customizing the bootloader
  • Kernel mode hooks: detection, setup, and removal
  • Running system patches
  • OS monitoring drivers: registry | process | service | I/O calls | clipboard | etc.
  • Virtual device drivers: display | printer |USB | I/O devices | virtual audio/video
  • Virtual disk and virtual file system drivers
  • File system filter and minifilter drivers
  • Network drivers
  • Custom device drivers
  • Audio filter drivers

Apriorit dedicated teams are composed of experienced low-level development professionals and highly skilled quality assurance specialists. To maintain a high level of expertise, we continuously explore new technologies, polish low-level development skills, and share our competencies within the team.

We ensure that every solution we create is reliable, secure, and fully meets the expectations of our customers.


Apriorit’s test builds were valuable tools for demonstration purposes, and their resources helped to speed up the development cycle and decrease the time to market. The team managed the project perfectly and impressed with their expertise in driver technology and cross-platform development. Read more »


Senior Director of Software Engineering, OPSWAT

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