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Fuel your business with blockchain technology

Blockchains hold the future. Distributed ledger technologies are gradually being adopted by businesses in the healthcare, FinTech, real estate, logistics, and other industries, increasing their efficiency.

Successfully implementing a blockchain results in increased transparency of business processes, improved data security, reduced transaction costs, and automated operations. All together, these benefits help organizations attract more customers and gain a competitive edge.

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At Apriorit, we know how blockchains really work and how to create a solution you will profit from. Over the years, we’ve sharpened our skills in building advanced blockchain-based solutions fully tailored to our clients’ needs.

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What we offer

Consulting and advisory

Blockchain development

Smart contract development

Blockchain security audits and testing

Get expert advice

Apriorit specialists can not only build a robust blockchain solution but can assist you with consulting and advisory services. Our experienced developers and business analysts are ready to share their knowledge and help you decide whether (and in what ways) your project could benefit from a blockchain.

Our blockchain consulting services include:
  • Identifying the potential of a blockchain for your project
  • Consulting on custom blockchain development, the smart economy, and decentralized finance (DeFi)
  • Consulting about all blockchain-related details: infrastructure, smart contracts, exchanges, wallets, etc.
  • Selecting the most suitable blockchain platform for your needs
  • Preparing a comprehensive plan for integrating a blockchain in your project
  • Creating a proof of concept (PoC) to demonstrate the practical potential of the blockchain for your ideas
  • Advising you on measures to enhance the security of your blockchain project

Our specialists keep up with blockchain technology trends but are constantly exploring the latest innovations.

Key technologies and languages

ONTology Ethereum NEO IOTA DASH Futurepia Polkadot Tron Hyperledger Cardano Btc fork Zilliqa Cosmos Graphene Tezos
Python C++ JavaScript C# GO
Java Rust Solidity

Our recent projects

  • Created FiberChain, a Futurepia-based permissioned blockchain network for delivery management systems
  • Developed a stable cryptocoin with its own exchange and Android/iOS wallets
  • Built a decentralized application (dApp) for a lending platform based on the Tezos network
  • Built and modified a Bitcoin-based blockchain network (with changes to the consensus algorithm)
  • Performed security audits of blockchain wallets, smart contracts, and dApps
  • Deployed a custom mining pool

We always strive to keep our code 100% bug-free right from the beginning and don’t just hope to fix errors later. To ensure that, we are careful and scrupulous throughout all stages, from planning to development to testing.

Why choose Apriorit?

Deciding to work with Apriorit is the first step towards your project’s success. We’ll consult with you on the most relevant technologies, suggest a reliable technology stack for your solution, create an appealing product design, and organize high-quality development and testing processes.

Here’s what you can get as a result of our partnership:

Best-fitting technologies

Only the best-fitting technologies for your project

Established development process

Established development process

Transparent workflow and communication

Transparent workflow and communication

An efficient, secure, bug-free product

An efficient, secure, bug-free product

Support and maintenance

Support and maintenance

What our clients say about us

Testimonial User Picture

The project was successful, helping increase customer confidence in the system’s security. For a cost-effective fee, Apriorit worked efficiently and delivered excellent results. The communication was essential; they only asked things that really mattered and they seemed to know their way around computer security. Read more »

Vishakh, CTO at Cryptonomic

(Extract from an independent review on

Use the blockchain’s potential to the fullest. Take a step into the future with Apriorit!

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