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Fuel your business with blockchain technology

Blockchains are the future. Distributed ledger technologies are gradually being adopted by businesses in healthcare, FinTech, real estate, logistics, and other industries, increasing their efficiency.

Successfully implementing a blockchain results in greater business process transparency, improved data security, reduced transaction costs, and automated operations. All together, these benefits help organizations attract more customers and gain a competitive edge.

At Apriorit, we know how blockchains really work and how to create a solution you will profit from. Over the years, we’ve sharpened our skills in building advanced blockchain-based solutions fully tailored to our clients’ needs.

Industry recognition

Blockchain development services we offer

Blockchain development

Smart contract development

Security auditing and testing

Consulting and advisory

Turn your concept into an efficient product

Whether you need to build a blockchain project from scratch or implement a blockchain-based module in an existing solution, Apriorit can handle it. The Web3 development services we offer are transparent and flawlessly organized. And with our blockchain development company, you will get regular progress updates.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Develop blockchain-based solutions
  • Develop applications that use blockchain APIs
  • Build a private blockchain network based on Hyperledger, Graphene, Ripple, Deviant, and other blockchains
  • Create cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets
  • Build payment gateway APIs for cryptocurrency payments
  • Integrate KYC and other third-party services into your solution
  • Develop a website for your blockchain project and deploy its infrastructure in the cloud
  • Develop and support other blockchain-related products

Leverage the blockchain to stand out within your industry

Apriorit’s blockchain software development team has hands-on experience in a wide range of industries.

Didn’t find your industry on the list?

Contact us to discuss your business needs and discover how to enhance your product with the blockchain.

Our specialists keep up with blockchain technology trends but are constantly exploring the latest innovations.

Key technologies we use

Our recent projects

  • Created FiberChain, a Futurepia-based permissioned blockchain network for delivery management systems
  • Developed a stable cryptocoin with its own exchange and Android/iOS wallets
  • Built a decentralized application (dApp) for a lending platform based on the Tezos network
  • Built and modified a Bitcoin-based blockchain network (with changes to the consensus algorithm)
  • Performed security audits of blockchain wallets, smart contracts, and dApps
  • Deployed a custom mining pool
  • Deployed AWS-based blockchain infrastructure for an international banking solution
  • Built an Ethereum-based NFT solution for token minting
  • Developed a blockchain-powered market platform for carbon credits and certificate tokenization

We always strive to keep our code 100% bug-free right from the beginning and don’t just hope to fix errors later. To ensure that, we are careful and scrupulous about all project stages, from planning to development to testing.

Why choose Apriorit for blockchain development?

Deciding to work with Apriorit is the first step towards your project’s success. We’ll consult with you on the most relevant technologies, suggest a reliable technology stack for your solution, create an appealing product design, and organize high-quality development and testing processes.

Here’s what you can get as a result of our partnership:

Only the best-fitting technologies for your project

Established development process

Transparent workflow and communication

An efficient, secure, bug-free product

Support and maintenance

Our clients’ success stories

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Will you sign an NDA?

Yes. At Apriorit, we understand the importance of securing intellectual property and are always ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Should I have in-depth knowledge of how the blockchain works before I contact you?

<p>You don’t need any specific technical knowledge or blockchain experience to start a project. Focus on the business value the project will bring to your company, and we’ll take care of the technical side.</p>

<p>Once you share your ideas and requirements, our experienced teammates will ask you additional questions to determine how to develop and deliver your software in the most efficient way. We’ll guide you through the blockchain and cryptocurrency development processes, explaining all details and nuances.</p>

Can you help with idea validation?

Yes. We provide blockchain development consulting and help businesses test their concepts on the market. The method to validate your business idea may vary depending on your project specifics, business needs, and requirements. The most common ways are:
<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li>Conducting in-depth market research during the discovery stage</li>
<li>Developing a proof of concept</li>
<li>Building an MVP</li>

How can you guarantee product quality?

<p>Apriorit specialists deliver efficient and secure blockchain products that meet customers’ needs and satisfy end-users thanks to:</p>
<ol class=ps-3>
<li class=mb-3>Continual research. By studying new technologies and keeping an eye on trends, we are able to offer the most suitable technology stack for your particular project.</li>
<li class=mb-3>Rich experience. Through years of work in the blockchain field, our developers have gained valuable experience using various technologies and tools and have picked up many practical insights along the way. We provide custom blockchain development services for industries including healthcare, finance, and cybersecurity. And we use this knowledge to ensure the best quality for every project.</li>
<li class=mb-3>Focus on product security. We also offer blockchain penetration testing and security testing services to make sure your product is protected from data leaks and has no vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers.</li>

Can you implement a blockchain in an existing product with numerous structures and legacy systems?

Enhancing an existing product (even a complex one) with blockchain-powered functionality is usually possible. To estimate the possibility and eliminate possible risks to product stability, we need to create a thorough plan. For example, we can prepare a proof of concept to find out whether such an idea is feasible from the technological and business standpoints.

How long does it take to develop blockchain software?

<p>Each blockchain project has a different level of complexity and nuances that affect the time it takes to deliver a ready-to-use solution. Small projects can be finished in a few weeks or months, while complex software might require a year or two to complete.</p>

<p>Once we receive your inquiry, Apriorit’s managers will evaluate the project’s complexity and scope of work so we can provide you with an estimate. From our experience, the average time to develop an MVP is from two to five months, and developing a product ready for production takes from six months to a year.</p>

How experienced are you in blockchain development?

<p>Apriorit has been working in the blockchain industry for more than five years. During this time, we’ve successfully developed products of different sizes and for different industries. Apart from providing enterprise blockchain development services, we’ve also helped existing crypto projects with smart contract security audits.</p>

<p>Check out <a href=/case-studies>our clients’ success stories</a> to learn more about delivered solutions.</p>

How much does it cost to build a blockchain app in 2023?

<p>The <a href=/dev-blog/blockchain-blockchain-app-development-cost>blockchain application development cost</a> can vary from $25,000 for a basic smart contract application to $1,000,000 for a custom blockchain-based platform made from scratch.</p>

<p>The price depends on numerous factors including application complexity, blockchain type, and development nuances. Once you send us an inquiry, Apriorit’s managers will analyze your project’s specifics and ask additional questions to prepare the cost estimate.</p>

How can I reduce the cost of developing a blockchain-based solution?

<p>Possibilities to reduce development costs depend on your project specifics. Generally, we can help you both accelerate development and save your budget using third-party tools and specialized platforms.</p>
<p>Four common ways to reduce the cost of developing blockchain software are:</p>
<ol class=ps-3>
<li class=mb-3>Use well-known open-source platforms like Ethereum or Hyperledger Fabric instead of developing a custom platform from scratch.</li>
<li class=mb-3>Leverage software as a service (SaaS) platforms.</li>
<li class=mb-3>Benefit from platforms combining open-source and SaaS solutions.</li>
<li class=mb-3>Add a business analyst to your team to prepare a thorough plan before rushing into development to avoid sudden requests for additional features later.</li>

How do you charge for your services?

At Apriorit, we offer three pricing models. Your <a href=/white-papers/779-outsourcing-pricing-models>choice of pricing model</a> will depend on your needs and the project’s size:
<ul class=apriorit-list-markers-green>
<li><a href=/rd-services/dedicated-teams>Dedicated team</a> — an outsourced specialist or team works on your project full-time</li>
<li><a href=/rd-services/fixed-price-model>Fixed price</a> — the scope, deadlines, deliverables, and costs of the whole project are determined before development starts</li>
<li><a href=/rd-services/time-and-materials-model>Time and materials</a> — you delegate tasks to outsourcing specialists and pay only for the time and materials they spend on them</li>

Are there any fees beyond those for development and implementation?

<p>At Apriorit, we always provide transparent bills according to our agreement with the client. There are no hidden fees.</p>

<p>Additional fees could appear only if you request additional services, and such fees would be agreed with you before we provide the additional services and send you the bill.</p>

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