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Creating a video delivery solution is tricky. It has to be stable and work effectively in many conditions: with a gaming laptop or an old smartphone, broadband internet or a poor connection.

Furthermore, an efficient video processing and delivery solution needs to:

  • Scale
  • Work on any device or platform
  • Synchronize audio and video streams
  • Have minimal hardware requirements
  • Provide optimal quality regardless of network speed

Delegating the building of your video delivery system to an experienced team of developers allows you to get a reliable solution while spending less time and effort on its development.


Your video — available at any time, on any device

At Apriorit, video delivery solutions are created by experts in network management, cybersecurity, and mobile development. Working with us, you can get a solution that:

  • Supports HTML5
  • Uses minimum device resources
  • Works with both servers and peer-to-peer networks
  • Complies with cybersecurity requirements
  • Captures and plays screen recordings
  • Is tested on Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android devices

  • Video stream recordings. We have experience capturing screen contents both for online streaming and video recording. This includes indexing, retrieval, and playback.
  • Online video players. We know how to implement hardware acceleration for video playback in the most efficient way with the help of reverse engineering techniques and methods (for Android applications).
  • Cross-platform HTML5 applications. We can build a system that captures screen activity, plays back the recordings, and exports captured video to popular formats.
  • Peer-to-peer web applications. We’ll help you create a web application based on Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) APIs to efficiently transfer video, audio, and screencasts.

When it comes to the performance requirements of the latest video formats, it is nearly impossible to find developers who are good at this high a level of writing code. Apriorit has a team of amazingly skilled experts – which is a very, very rare species! Read more »


A video data storage solution provider


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