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Save your time for greater deeds

At Apriorit, you can outsource a project manager as part of a development team or as an individual specialist to help your team successfully deliver projects. Our PMs have vast experience working for different industries and expertise in various development areas, allowing them to efficiently manage any project.

Delegate project management to professionals

By hiring outsourced project managers at Apriorit, you bring valuable skills and experience to your team. Our PMs acquire technical knowledge that helps them successfully manage IT development projects of any complexity.

With Apriorit project managers, you can:

  • Kickstart product development
  • Effectively communicate with your outsourcing team
  • Ensure a transparent development process
  • Improve team management and motivation

Why choose Apriorit project managers?

Expert skills and niche expertise

Leverage our PMs’ expertise working in various industries and with different tech stacks. We’ll assign a manager with skills and knowledge relevant to your project.

Efficient team management

Apriorit PMs gladly work with distributed teams, ensuring smooth integration of outsourced developers in your in-house processes and team. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each team member, our PMs keep everyone motivated and efficiently use the team’s skills to deliver your project on time.

Time and effort savings during all development stages

With our professional project management services, you can free your own resources and focus on internal business activities. Delegate time-consuming day-to-day tasks to our PMs and they will take care of everything.

Compliance with the project schedule, budget, and scope

Our PMs know how to optimize the workload and effectively use project resources. Your PM can quickly address arising issues to make sure the team meets both project deadlines and budget requirements.

Convenient communication

Apriorit PMs ensure smooth and productive communication between you and your team members. We make sure everyone is on the same page about every project detail. This helps us create a successful workflow for every project. We also update you on the project status in weekly or daily reports.

A fresh perspective

Apriorit PMs keep an eye on the market, competitors, and trends in the project’s niche. This helps them better understand the product’s business value. Our PMs can look at your project from a different angle, assess it impartially, and offer new development workflows, management tools, etc.

Bring transparency to each project stage

When all preparations are finished and all documents are signed, the development team starts working. From this point, the PM’s task is to coordinate the project team and control project progress. PMs manage risks during development and identify and troubleshoot threats before they materialize.

Project management workflow at Apriorit

Initiate the project

Plan for execution

Execute the project

Monitor and control

Close the project

First, our PMs define the project’s mission, objectives, and constraints, as well as identify all stakeholders.

Looking for an outsourced development team with a professional project manager?

Contact us, and we’ll assign you specialists with relevant experience in your industry.

Key methodologies and tools

When choosing a methodology and framework for managing your projects, we keep in mind the specifics of your product. For each project management activity, Apriorit PMs have preferred tools. However, we always discuss the toolset with you and your development team to make sure everyone is comfortable with the choice.

  • Agile
  • Waterfall
  • Kanban
  • Scrum
  • Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK)
  • Earned value analysis (EVA)
  • Burndown Chart

Make PM outsourcing smooth and convenient

Even with all the benefits, hiring an outsourced project manager instead of using the talents of an in-house PM can raise concerns. We understand this. Here’s how we mitigate the most common concerns:

To make every project stage transparent, our PMs:

  • Update you on the project status and discuss critical decisions.
  • Acquire solid technical knowledge to manage the process at the technical level.
  • Arrange regular meetings with you and provide detailed reports.

Here’s what Apriorit project managers do to ensure the delivery of high-quality services and systems:

  • Make sure that all your requirements are carefully elicited to define the product’s goals and functionality
  • Create a detailed project map with all your requirements, expectations, and standards
  • Ensure developers follow strict internal coding standards to build software of the highest quality

To keep up with security requirements, our PMs:

  • Sign non-disclosure agreements
  • Enforce implementation of security best practices according to the project requirements. For example, we use secure credentials to access resources and store project code in protected cloud storage
  • On demand, PMs can initiate a security audit of a product we’ve developed

At Apriorit, we provide more than just IT project management services. To help you deliver a product with business value, we:

  • Assign PMs with knowledge relevant for your industry and project
  • Share experience working on projects of various sizes, in various industries, and based in various countries within our PM team
  • Regularly research markets within different product areas to better understand business specifics

Smooth communication is a must for delivering a top-notch product. Therefore, our PMs:

  • Pick the most efficient communication channels for delivering information
  • Negotiate convenient time frames for meetings
  • Arrange meetings to discuss only crucial issues that need your attention
  • Use emails and status updates for minor questions

Apriorit PMs do their best to keep to the agreed budget and find ways to save resources:

  • Mitigate risks of miscommunication, unclosed requirement gaps, and insufficient risk analysis to save a project’s budget in the long run
  • Efficiently manage team resources and quickly detect issues
  • Help you save resources on team management and onboarding

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