When hiring an R&D team relevant project experience is vital for success. For ten plus years Apriorit has been providing services for cybersecurity vendors developing enhanced enterprise protection solutions, network and data security projects.

Over the years cybersecurity specialists have accumulated significant experience (captured in our internal knowledge base) and a number of SDKs and ready technologies, which can be integrated into your digital security solution significantly saving project time and costs.

Apriorit professionals have deep understanding of the distinct systems’ architecture, functionality, and potential vulnerabilities. We are familiar with the best practices of enterprise digital security systems development.

Apriorit cybersecurity development skills

The Security Team is the largest and most experienced team at Apriorit. It includes several groups of specialists and experts in all-level system monitoring, SIEM, network security, and data security technologies.

Their work is supported by the Apriorit Research and Reverse Engineering group, who provides details on the system functioning, protocol structures, and data formats.

At the cybersecurity technology development, we rely on optimized interaction with the operating system, driver and kernel level development, native code programming, and a thorough understanding of data flows and network communications.

Apriorit digital security technologies

Take a look at the main groups of the Apriorit digital security solutions:

  • System Monitoring

    • Hidden/Hooked Process Detection and Restore
    • File Activity Monitoring
    • Process Monitoring
    • Registry Monitoring
    • Network Activity Monitoring,
    • User login/logout monitoring
    • System Event Monitoring
    • Port Monitoring
    • Desktop Video Capture
    • System Sound Capture
    • Silent Monitoring with Stealth Technologies
  • Device Security and Access Management
  • Clipboard and Office Protection
  • Print Management
  • Low-Level Bootloader Technologies
  • Email, Chat, Web Security

    • Email Live Monitoring and Filtering
    • Email Database Monitoring
    • Email Attachment Revision
    • Skype Monitoring and Firewall
    • Chat Monitoring and Censoring
    • Web Traffic Monitoring and Filtering

Each of these enterprise data protection solutions is developed according to best practices, supported for years, and well-tested.

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