For years advanced virtualization and cloud computing were leading specialties for Apriorit teams.

We have significant experience in developing new technologies for virtual environments and cloud platforms, implementing best practices and trending technologies, and adopting multifunctional solutions for new environments.

Well-known virtualization technologies

Take a look at the trending virtualization technologies we develop and use for our projects:

  • Desktop virtualization technologies
  • User environment personalization
  • File system virtualization, virtual disks
  • Storage virtualization
  • Operating system virtualization
  • IP address virtualization

When working on virtualization solutions, we rely on our driver development and system programming skills. Apriorit technologies are constructed in ready-to-integrate form, which can significantly save your project cost and minimize time-to-market for your ideas.

Work experience with virtual environments

Here is the list of virtual environment management technologies we develop and work with:

  • Enhanced experience of interaction with Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESXi, and KVM hypervisors
  • Programmatic hypervisor management
  • Virtual machine active memory access (hypervisor level)
  • Virtual machine file system access (hypervisor level)
  • Virtual system image parsing

Apriorit research and development teams also work on projects creating unique virtualization technologies like runtime switching between virtual OS instances on a physical device or hypervisor-level antivirus system.

For the development of advanced projects for virtual environments and designing new architecture solutions, we engage our software research specialists.

Cloud computing programming and other technologies

Apriorit specialists are experienced in cloud computing programming solutions, building cloud systems, and implementing solutions for popular cloud platforms. Take a look at our cloud computing technology portfolio highlights:

  • Experience with public, private & hybrid cloud
  • Cloud platform integration solutions
  • Cloud storage DLP technologies
  • Cloud encryption and other cloud computing protection solutions

Outsource your virtualization or cloud computing project to the experts

More and more enterprises cut costs and improve efficiency by applying new virtualization technologies. They are not thinking about cloud deployment, rather choosing the best combination of cloud services needed. Virtualization market as well as the cloud computing market have grown rapidly thus providing opportunities for software vendors.

Whether you are developing new technologies or adapting your existing solutions, you should rely on professional experience in these fast-changing areas.

The Apriorit team is at the cutting edge of the latest platforms and specializes in producing advanced virtualization and cloud computing solutions to stay ahead of the trends.

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