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Virtualization for Mobile Devices: Runtime Switching between Virtual OS Instances

Combined project team of Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute and Apriorit specialists worked on a solution to satisfy security-BYOD needs of corporate customers. Business and personal environment isolation approach was introduced and implemented using OS virtualization techniques.

Client: Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI)

Country: South Korea

The task of ETRI was to implement the possibility to switch between 2 instances of Android OS running independently on the same device. Before this project, the client had never outsourced development or research. This project became the first pilot project of Apriorit for ETRI and it was really challenging.

Our team made completely working solution in 6 person-months. The solution drew interest of the big market players just after release. At the moment, ETRI approaches such top hardware manufacturers as Samsung, LG, etc. to commercialize it.

See the ETRI video of Android OS switching


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