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Clipboard, Processes, and Temporary File Protection SDK for DLP Product

The Client decided to engage Apriorit expert knowledge for the next product version. Several advanced features were introduced: self-protection modules, universal clipboard protection, multilevel file encryption, etc.

Client: (NDA protected name)

Country: India

One of the India software market leaders started development of the new DLP system. When basic architecture was developed, the company initiated research of the ways to increase competitive benefits of the solution, create additional data protection levels and program self-protection modules. The idea to engage external experts was good in several aspects. First, it would allow the team to use the new expertise and get independent valuation of the solution. Second, it would allow the company to conduct development simultaneously in 2 teams thus reducing product time to market.

Specialists of Client and Apriorit composed and discussed the list of possible vulnerabilities and corresponding solutions. The pilot stage was about specified process monitoring and blocking for application self-protection. Two other stages were even more challenging: universal clipboard protection and temporary file encryption/decryption on-the-fly.

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