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System Performance Bottleneck Analysis: Data Center Running VoIP and MS SQL

The Client experienced performance issues in the data center infrastructure causing failures to serve incoming data. While internal research attempts did not give desired results, Apriorit experts built a step-by-step research plan, localized the problem, and provided recommendations that finally resolved all issues.

For more details:

Client: (NDA protected name)

Country: USA

One of the US home healthcare industry’s leading technology solution providers detected performance-related issues in one of its infrastructure clusters. A distributed infrastructure combining VoIP and MS SQL technologies showed up time out errors when serving incoming calls in some hardly reproduced moments of normal functioning.

After several months of internal research had not discovered the root of the problem, the company hired Apriorit experts to deal with the situation.

During a two-week period of the project, Apriorit expert built the research plan, excluded third-party compatibility, hardware, and VoIP potential problems; then focused on the SQL part, discovered and researched complicated queries, and provided a set of optimization recommendations. Those recommendations considered a set of additional indexes and specific code refactoring.

Introduction of the recommendations improved the system performance, and subsequent monitoring has not detected any new issues.

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