Apriorit provides full software quality assurance and software testing outsourcing services. Our QA specialists prepare all documentation, strategic test plans, specific test case sets, set up the corresponding test environment, and apply all types of software testing to provide maximum depth and coverage with regard to your priorities.

Besides all types of software quality assurance, Apriorit experts also perform mobile application security testing.


Entrust quality assurance to the Apriorit team

While offering competitive rates, we provide you highly qualified, experienced, and accurate testing resources. Our software QA Department is made up of ISTQB certified specialists who provide you with a world-class level of Quality Assurance services. Each QA team includes Test Automation specialists.

We use several defect tracking systems, adopt your communication and reporting standards if required, adhere to Impact Analysis, and ensure ongoing communication between our testing and development teams.


Software testing outsourcing

The strategy aimed to outsource testing of a software solution is becoming more and more popular. Here are several reasons for that:

  • Independent software quality assessment
  • No developer’s excuses like “it’s-not-a-bug” accepted
  • Completely managed unit producing actionable testing results
  • Easily manageable and scalable software testing budget
  • Fully equipped testing labs, which is especially important for mobile application testing

Our professional, outsourcing testing solutions are not just software testers for hire. We provide part-time planning, control, and reporting management resources even for 1-specialist projects.

From driver quality assurance to mobile app testing

Each area needs specific expertise along with techniques, strategies, and test cases to be developed and executed properly.

Software driver testing is very complicated in defect localization while requiring various platform versions and settings to be tested.

Distributed system testing requires specialist with advanced platform and network administration skills. A QA plan always includes significant performance and load testing sections, an area where automated testing is a must.

Mobile applications and PC-device interaction must be tested across a broad range of device models including localization, legacy versions, and manufacturer line variations. Apriorit has a device testing lab with more than 300 different devices, including both legacy and cutting-edge smartphones, phones, and tablets.

Testing of virtualization-intended software requires advanced knowledge of cloud and virtual platforms and scenarios along with an understanding of the potential to scale into complex virtual environments. Apriorit always has a “hot” virtual testing lab, working not only for virtualization-sound solutions but also distributed and network management systems.

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