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In the evolving technology landscape, the quality and speed of data processing is vital for businesses. Apriorit creates custom solutions and technologies for processing different types and amounts of data. Our solutions cover the whole range of data processing-related tasks:

  • Acquisition
  • Transmission
  • Filtering
  • Protection
  • Recovery

Apriorit developers have vast experience leveraging innovative methods and technologies for various data processing tasks. Using our expertise and our own set of best practices, we build solutions for effectively handling any type and amount of data.


Flawless performance is what differentiates a good application from a useless one. And the key to ensuring the performance of any software lies in efficient data processing.

The key challenge here is that modern applications should not only process data quickly but also ensure an acceptable quality for large volumes of data in various formats and types.

Our own set of guidelines and best practices allows us to achieve top-shelf performance when working with large amounts of data, heavy data types, caches, optimized structures, custom protocols, compression, etc.


A custom-made data processing solution gives you the freedom to do whatever you need to with your data: process it, inspect it, secure it, manage it. You name it, we can build it.

  • Raw data acquisition for desktop and mobile
  • Advanced file protection
  • Dedicated database format parsers
  • Mobile format parsers for user and system data
  • An SDK for recovering deleted data
  • A tool for recovering deleted mobile and desktop data
  • File/disk snapshots: creation, transmission, storage, analysis
  • Multithreaded/improved data transmission technologies
  • Real-time media streaming: development and optimization
  • Terminal session video and audio recording: data flow organization, storage
  • Built-in file protection technologies
  • And more

Apriorit experts are constantly expanding their expertise to develop solutions that process both old and new data formats exactly how you need.


Apriorit helped us to build Custom Driver Development for Data Recovery System. The team couples excellent programming skill with professional conduct and rapid communication.

The key metric for success was that we were simply unable to complete this project without Apriorit. They helped us build the entire product. Read more »


Founder & CTO, Data Recovery Company

(Extract from the independent review on Clutch.co)


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