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High performing distributed systems require processing of massive amounts of data optimally across various network infrastructures in multi-tier, multi-layer, and multi-agent scenarios requiring data protection at all stages of interaction.

At Apriorit we develop efficient architectures and technologies to organize centralized management and maintenance processes for all kinds of enterprise infrastructures. We create enterprise networking and content management solutions ensuring high performance and protection of operations.

Our specialists have gained enterprise network solution and distributed system management experience in several project areas including high-scale enterprise cybersecurity management systems, data centralization and protection solutions, virtual platform and environment management systems.

Apriorit distributed enterprise networking technologies

We work equally well in creating an optimal network architecture as well as in the optimization of existing solutions.

Apriorit distributed enterprise solution project examples include:

  • High-performance server to store corporate data with complex access and redirection rules
  • Remote corporate file system with client operations redirected by means of the virtual file systems
  • Corporate backup system including end-points and network disks backup
  • Corporate file sharing solution with advanced cybersecurity requirements
  • Corporate data access rights management system
  • High-scaling multi-agent data protection system that can be installed on various network architectures
  • Centralized hypervisor-based virtual environment scanning with VM resource access
  • High-performing architecture with network interaction optimization enabling high-volume data file transfer and processing (e.g., DB, video).

Distributed enterprise networking challenges

Within today’s geographically distributed enterprises featuring versatile infrastructure architectures, the performance and stability requirements of management and maintenance tasks are very important. Examples of such tasks are shared content management and delivery, centralized application and policy management, big data, access control among others.

These systems must operate efficiently and be designed to scale in order to accommodate optimal working environments for the ever-growing user communities. An efficiently designed system allows one to save significant costs on maintenance tasks.

At Apriorit we build optimal and secure high-performance architectures for scenarios involving tens of thousands of users and terabytes of data. Such projects are challenging and the design stage is extremely important. Our experienced teams usually include experts in network management, data management, data processing, and digital security domains working together to produce the optimal architecture of a system or service fulfilling client requirements and potential future challenges.

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