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Communication between embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) devices can bring to life lots of systems, from domestic appliances to smart cities. But embedded and IoT devices have little use unless they communicate effectively, both with each other and with us. 

Embedded devices have their advantages: they’re small, portable, energy-efficient, and respond in real time. But these benefits often come at the price of challenges such as incompatibility, connectivity and speed limitations, increased power consumption of systems, and poor data and device protection. 

To solve these challenges, you need to develop reliable, fast, and secure embedded system software. But when you deal with custom equipment, there’s no out-of-the-box solution. You need to develop an embedded application from scratch, delivering it right after physical device production, or even before. 

And that’s what Apriorit developers are good at.

Raspberry Pi microcontrollers

Raspberry Pi microcontrollers



System-on-a-chip devices

System-on-a-chip devices

Human interface devices

Human interface devices

Over more than 10 years of embedded system development, we’ve created solutions for mass-produced and custom-made devices, including rare ones. The solutions we build ensure secure, smooth, and efficient device operations and are always delivered on time.

Knowledge, experience, and strong research skills allow us to build software that runs smoothly on your devices no matter the hardware and software — even if a device is still in production.

Embedded and IoT solutions we offer:

  • Embedded software and integrations
  • Cross-platform software for embedded devices
  • Device drivers and board support packages
  • Machine-to-machine solutions
  • System-on-a-chip software
  • Storage and boot loader device firmware
  • Security layer implementations




RT systems (FreeRTOS, VxWorks, RTEMS)

RT systems






Around the world, embedded and IoT devices create millions of data channels and process terabytes of data in real time, which is why they’re popular targets for hackers. Technical limitations and a lack of protection for device communication channels allow hackers to listen to transmitted data or gain control over these devices.

Hackers have their ways of compromising IoT and embedded devices: packet injection, denial of service, man-in-the-middle attacks, replay attacks, and other techniques. As a cybersecurity-oriented company, we can mitigate these risks and protect your devices at four levels:

  1. Secure code at compile time by obfuscating it, using safe stack and memory operations, validating variable initialization, and wiping data traces.
  2. Protect the solution during runtime by checking binary code and data integrity and detecting debuggers, monitoring software, and any other intrusive activities.
  3. Ensure firmware integrity with encryption (and partial decryption at runtime on demand), digital signatures for binary code, hardware identification, and regular security updates.
  4. Conduct software security testing that includes penetration testing, critical code fuzzing, and source code security audits.


Embedded firmware and software development has to be well-orchestrated to deliver a solution on time. With Apriorit, you get full-cycle development — from business analysis to maintenance — with one dedicated team. Each team includes a project manager to ensure constant and clear communication and keep development on schedule.

  • Firmware customization
  • Data exchange between devices
  • Microcontroller programming
  • HID programming
  • Digital signal processing
  • Phone hardware emulation on QEMU
  • CPU platform simulation in the angr framework
  • Mesh protocol development based on LoRa technology
  • RTOS porting
  • BIOS porting and customization

With our extensive experience in embedded software development services, we can create embedded and IoT firmware and software that meets our clients’ needs and satisfies the technical requirements of hardware manufacturers.


The project was a success, with the product having all of the necessary functionalities and being delivered on time. Apriorit was a capable partner with deep expertise that showed through their work. Customers can expect a satisfying experience with clear communication. They had great technical knowledge of hardware development, which was just what we needed Read more »


R&D Manager, Cybersecurity Software Firm

(Extract from the independent review on Clutch.co)


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