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Our Mature Delivery Process Differentiates Apriorit from Competitors

The two biggest factors in the success of a project are the maturity of the delivery process and the experience of the delivery team.

Most organizations have seen projects that didn’t end on time, went over budget, or changed in scope. Apriorit has been refining our delivery model for more than 18 years.

Project Planning

When it comes to estimation, we understand that a project requires more than just coding and testing. To ensure successful delivery, we also plan activities such as:

  • Research
  • Code review
  • Pre-release integration
  • Code refactoring
  • Reporting and communications
  • Risk planning

Apriorit always provides granular estimates with detailed explanations. We include some or all of the activities listed above in our estimate and schedule milestones when they’re crucial for a project’s success.

Estimate and Manage Research Projects

Apriorit has a strong research team, and our clients benefit from this expertise. We successfully work on research-intensive — and even research-only — projects where implementation may only be needed for a prototype. We make these projects manageable and predictable even though they’re inherently uncertain and entail a high level of risk.

Through the years, we’ve developed a unique process for these kinds of assignments. We build a project plan outlining the approaches, tools, and techniques we plan to try. Then we run short iterations with important milestones so the team and the client can assess results, correct plans, and manage the budget.

Another important aspect of successful research projects is detailed documentation. We formally describe not only successful steps but also those that were unsuccessful, explaining why they didn’t work. This saves resources for our clients by indicating what they should not invest in.

Project Planning

Flexible Delivery Process

Apriorit has developed a flexible Agile- and Scrum-based delivery process that we tailor to the specific requirements of your project.

Our development team will determine the proper sprint cycles, reporting and communication instruments, and activities for the project at hand.

Every stage of the delivery process is clear and transparent.

Our clients feel a high level of transparency, predictability, and control, leading to trusting relationships with Apriorit project leaders and account managers.

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