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Printing with Watermarks – Technology to Integrate

Apriorit, as an independent provider of R&D services, builds a number of advanced technologies for software and IT solution vendors. One of such technologies is print watermarking. It is Apriorit proprietary technology, which can be customized, integrated, or delivered as SDK.

The main idea behind this technology is to allow companies to protect their printed documents by automatically adding custom watermarks during the printing process. In order to achieve this, we created an agent-based hardware independent solution, specifically designed to work inside corporate network infrastructure.

Details of Apriorit printing with watermarks include:

  • Watermark customization – user can customize watermark in a variety of ways, including editing and formatting text, changing its position, adding images.
  • Transparency setting – transparency of the watermark can be freely adjusted in order to facilitate readability.
  • Integration with Active Directory – technology is originally developed with deep integration with Active Directory in mind, but can also work without any domain infrastructure.
  • Optimized for use within a network-based solution – technology originally designed with agent-based architecture in mind and optimized for implementation within a network-based solution.

We can help our clients to implement printing with watermarks as part of their project, including further development and customization to their needs. It can be also delivered as a separate fully-tested SDK.

Our print watermarking software is hardware agnostic and can be used in combination with any physical printer, regardless of the model and manufacturer, as well as any virtual printer and any application that uses Windows printing API.


Reasons to choose Apriorit

  • Unique knowledge and experience – with each project, our developers keep accumulating experience and unique expertise that they will be able to bring to your project. We specialize in security, low level programming, virtualization, and cloud computing for both desktop and mobile.
  • Focus on communication – our company employs a client-facing approach with a huge focus on establishing effective communication, bringing down risks and emphasizing on-time high-quality delivery.
  • Our clients love us - Apriorit provides development services for over a decade, and we received many stellar reviews from our clients. You can read more on what our clients think about us on our Clients page.


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