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USB Device Blocking and Monitoring

This technology set is a part of our device security expertise, in particular USB device monitor and control tasks.

Proper monitoring and control of device usage, and in particular USB devices, are important components of many data protection and infrastructure protection applications. Apriorit delivers a robust comprehensive technology set for device management.


Technology Features

Our technology features such capabilities:

  • USB device detection at connect: capture device characteristics and notify
  • System scanning for already connected devices
  • User-personalized USB device blocking by rules:
    • Specific device class
    • Specific manufacturer
    • Specific serial number(s)
    • and other device parameters

The USB device control technology can be customized for your project needs and integrated into your solution or delivered as a USB device management SDK.


More Device Types

Apriorit has the same set of comprehensive monitoring and management technologies for devices of other types:

  • FireWire devices
  • COM / LPT and other legacy devices
  • your type of devices

Using Apriorit experience and techniques, our team can build any device management technology you need and provided it as an integral part of your solution or a customized SDK.


Why Apriorit

Founded in 2002, Apriorit now comprises 200+ specialists forming project teams that work with technology vendors from all over the world with cyber security being the main focus.

Working with us you get:

  • Broad skill set and rich knowledge base to support your engineering initiatives
  • Mature and fully managed processes controlled by an assigned Apriorit project manager
  • Understanding and respect of your business priorities when producing optimal project decisions
  • Full responsibility for deliverables and continuous customer support.


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