A number of advanced solutions require operating system management technologies such as standard behavior change, smart work with file systems, smooth integration, advanced system restore, etc.

Apriorit provides operating system management services and solutions. Our teams are experienced in low-level technologies such as kernel mode drivers, standard function hooking, and even bootloader customization.

Having delivered a number of commercial system management products, our specialists are well versed in OS specifics and undocumented features. We also use internal libraries specifically developed to enable rapid and accurate interaction with various operating systems.

Apriorit’s operating system management solutions

Apriorit has experience developing large sets of operating system management technologies:

  • All-levels of operating system monitoring
  • API hooks, system call redirection
  • 3rd-party hooks and rootkit detection and removal
  • System snapshots and advanced system restore
  • System action rollback
  • Clipboard management
  • Standard system log-on dialog replacement
  • Creation of custom file system rules
  • Custom bootloader
  • Bootloader Virtual PC

We work with various platforms:

  • Windows,
  • Linux,
  • Mac OS,
  • Mobile platforms

Our system management development teams are supported by the Research and Reverse Engineering Group ready to help with closed OS function research and undocumented interface prototyping.

Operating system management challenges

OS management is technically complex and very challenging. Customers have understandably, demanding needs seeking environments that are as flexible as possible.

Task examples include determining specific operating system states, file system interaction, advanced system restore/rollback, improved authentication process, and all-levels of activity monitoring and blocking.

Operating system behavior change, while interacting with deep level functions, requires thorough architecture knowledge, quality assurance, and performance optimization. Defects or functionality conflicts at this level can cause system destabilization, cybersecurity breaches, or failure.

Apriorit has compiled a broad, professional knowledge base while also creating a multitude of system utilities that enable for rapid and accurate development thus saving your project money and mitigating development risks.

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