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Desktop Solution for Mobile Device Data Synchronization


The project required a significant amount of Reverse Engineering for the closed and legacy mobile data formats. Apriorit provided an all-in-one team where Research closely interacted with Development and was supported by professional QA with a well-equipped lab of all kinds of devices.

Client: (NDA protected name)

Country: USA

This project was started by an US-based company that decided to enter the new market segment in 2003. It included a number of inner challenges related both to the technical difficulties and significant project duration.

The project key to success was – and still is – the efficient project team. Team members had to possess rare skills, in particular intensive Reverse Engineering, C++ and .NET knowledge, work together on the common prototype, and then develop and maintain the solution. To be successful, the product had to have a consistent architecture and robust core, so the company needed really all-in-one team. That was Apriorit provided the Client with.

Fast product release, which had required considerably less costs, helped the company to hit the market and become one of the world leaders in this segment. At the moment, the product is in Top 5 market leaders and is one of the most frequently updated solutions, always up-to-date supporting a wide range of modern, popular, and legacy devices.

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